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By bye hackers

Hello and Welcome to TheDaddy.org Forum!

Don't worry, it all looks a little confusing at first but this guide should get you going in no time.

When you first login to TheDaddy.org Forum you'll be presented with a list of 'Boards'. These are discussion boards which cover various topics. If you're not sure where to go, the best place to start is with General Merriment.

A brief summary of the boards:

General Merriment: This is where the bulk of the fun takes place. Threads (individual discussion topics within a board) range from sensible debate through to utter nonsense. There are no real restrictions on what can be placed in GM, other than that it must be safe for viewing at work and not overly offensive towards others. If your boss wouldn't want to see it on your screen, we don't want to see it on GM! However, should you wish to post such material, you can head on over to...

Watershed: Similar to GM although the rules about being worksafe no longer apply. Enter at your own risk! Only accessable by registered members.

Mini-Reviews of Everything: This board is unique in that it holds no discussions, only user reviews of products, services, films, books and virtually anything else you can think of. Have a browse through for ideas for things to try, or have a go at writing your own review - though please check the board rules before posting here as it's a bit different from your normal boards.

Techy Corner: Got technical problems? Want help from some people who really know their stuff? Then head over to Techy Corner where we will do our best to help you out with any advice we can. We have experts in software, hardware, gadgetry and engineering along with a whole host of other academic disciplines, so whatever your question the chances are someone will be able to help.

TheDaddy.org Forum: This isn't another forum, it's just another board for discussing this forum! If you have any bug reports or suggestions for Spanners regarding thedaddy.org, post them here and he will no doubt get back to you. All suggestions / bug reports gratefully received!

TheDaddy.org Gold: This is an archive where all the best posts of the past go to pass their retirement. You can't post to here but it's always worth a browse.

You will also notice various other options along the top of the screen, including a chatroom where you can participate in live chat with anyone else currently using the site, or a message centre where you can send and receive personal messages with an easy-to-use system similar to email.

You will also find a 'Profile' option here which will allow you to change your personal information. We do not require the information to be correct, but bear in mind you won't be able to receive the free TheDaddy.org newsletter if we don't have your correct email address. You can update your password here, or if you have forgotten your password feel free to email one of the super-users (Spanners, Swoop, General or myself (Demian)), and we will update it and let you know your new password by return of email. Although we are all eminently trustworthy, you should probably then change it to something else so that you're the only person who knows it!
You have our word that emails are held in the strictest confidence and are not accessable to any non-members. 'Cos email harversters annoy the crap out of us too!

Your posts can be customised with 'custom titles' and 'avatars'. Your custom title will be displayed with every post you make and may be changed by any forum member. Much fun for some good natured baiting ;-) The 'avatar' is the small picture which is displayed with each post. If you know how to refer to a picture on the internet, feel free to use your own choice of picture. If you don't, just leave this option alone and you will receive a default 'Newbie' avatar. If you email one of the superusers above with a picture you'd like to use instead, we'll be happy to host it and set it up for you. Hey, we're helpful like that!

If you have any other questions about the forums, please let us know so that we can a) help you out and b) expand this guide for future generations.

Happy forumming!