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By bye hackers
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Type Rating Subject Started By Last OnReplies
---The Oracle at DelphiDemian Swoop Tue 28th Oct '08 6:45PM 3
---ASIMOSpanners Spanners Mon 27th Oct '08 8:16AM 3
---Post your Dinner!Demian Xander Thu 23rd Oct '08 8:53PM 9
---You Can't Sue God...Spanners Xander Tue 21st Oct '08 5:38PM 2
---Quiz for know it allsGeneral Magina Fri 17th Oct '08 2:18PM 4
---Peace and Love but Piss Off!Spanners Agentgonzo Fri 17th Oct '08 1:12PM 2
---Whee SquashGeneral Demian Thu 16th Oct '08 8:00AM 1
---Get a job tasting pies!Clara Spanners Wed 15th Oct '08 8:59AM 13
---Could you make it as a baggage checker in Birmingham Airport?Desert Creature Swoop Wed 15th Oct '08 12:14AM 2
---The World Without HumansSpanners Xander Tue 14th Oct '08 5:35PM 2
---Post Your WorkspaceDemian Xander Tue 14th Oct '08 5:27PM 2
---Games not bad for you shockerGeneral Demian Sat 11th Oct '08 5:26PM 2
---Happy Birthday AmanshuSpanners Amanshu Fri 10th Oct '08 12:53PM 24
---Dumb criminalsAmanshu Swoop Thu 9th Oct '08 4:59PM 3
---The best things in life are free...Amanshu Spanners Tue 7th Oct '08 1:46PM 2
---Boris Wensleydale Main...Magina Magina Tue 7th Oct '08 10:47AM 12
---Custom TitlesSpanners Demian Mon 6th Oct '08 6:20PM 17
---Ow my tastebuds! The Tastecast Aftermath ThreadDemian Spanners Mon 6th Oct '08 8:38AM 4
---A really wierd question about music theoryDemian General Sun 5th Oct '08 6:17PM 7
---Recomend Some Interesting New MusicGeneral Agentgonzo Sat 4th Oct '08 1:29AM 4
---Thedaddy Readers Choice Top 10!Demian Spanners Fri 3rd Oct '08 4:00PM 5
---Space ElevatorSpanners Xander Wed 1st Oct '08 8:51PM 3
---Top Ten Most Annoying Alarm ClocksSpanners Spanners Tue 30th Sep '08 5:20PM 0
---BEEP BEEP Honk if you are HornyDemian Spanners Mon 29th Sep '08 4:08AM 2
---Chavtastic!Demian Demian Sun 28th Sep '08 3:35PM 2
---Beer GogglesSpanners Kelly Tue 23rd Sep '08 3:02PM 1
---Wow, Red Dwarf is popular these days!Demian Demian Sun 21st Sep '08 9:39AM 0
---Unfortunate NamesSpanners Malcolm Fri 19th Sep '08 3:56PM 1
---Well, gosh.Allen Key Amanshu Fri 19th Sep '08 10:43AM 5
---Bon Voyage, Swoop!Demian Swoop Thu 18th Sep '08 2:44PM 3
---Noel Edmonds - Saviour of Britain!Clara Demian Wed 17th Sep '08 10:10AM 6
---I've got to get me some Sulphur HexaflorideGeneral Agentgonzo Mon 15th Sep '08 10:06AM 3
---Live LHC webcam!Demian Spanners Thu 11th Sep '08 7:20PM 1
---The Red BarrowsDemian Spanners Sun 7th Sep '08 9:24AM 1
---If I'm gonna go I wanna go lookin' goodDesert Creature Desert Creature Thu 4th Sep '08 1:10PM 11
---Normal dreaming will be resumed imminentlyMalcolm Malcolm Thu 4th Sep '08 9:55AM 4
---A message from my guinea pigSpanners Spanners Thu 4th Sep '08 8:06AM 8
---The 'How dumb can you be?' threadSpanners Spanners Wed 3rd Sep '08 2:35PM 0
---The Changing Job, Leaving Town ThreadGeneral Sloanio Mon 1st Sep '08 3:24PM 26
---TDDO Office Dares Game, sign up today!Demian Agentgonzo Mon 1st Sep '08 10:25AM 7
---Internet Banking StuffClara Spanners Sat 30th Aug '08 10:09AM 13
---Julie Moult is an IdiotGeneral General Fri 29th Aug '08 7:20PM 0
I'm writing a profanity filterSpanners Agentgonzo Fri 29th Aug '08 12:10PM 16
---TheDaddy.Org and you - Feedback and Opinions wanted!Demian Demian Thu 28th Aug '08 1:26PM 0
---Happy Birthday DemianSpanners Magina Thu 28th Aug '08 10:26AM 17
---Bigoted people paraded for your amusementGeneral Magina Sun 24th Aug '08 4:46PM 1
---OttersGeneral General Fri 22nd Aug '08 8:30PM 1
---A good hello once again to one and allTipper83 General Fri 22nd Aug '08 7:11PM 2
---Library Porn.Magina Clara Thu 21st Aug '08 11:13PM 4
---MotivationAmanshu Magina Tue 19th Aug '08 11:32AM 8
---The daftness of financial productsMalcolm Demian Fri 15th Aug '08 8:36AM 8
---If you were a robot.....Magina Demian Thu 14th Aug '08 11:49AM 6
---Adventures in camping...Amanshu Spanners Tue 12th Aug '08 1:36PM 2
China and the Olympic GamesDemian Spanners Fri 8th Aug '08 9:44AM 3
---Hot Dogs.Magina Malcolm Thu 7th Aug '08 4:00PM 1
---XKCDSpanners Spanners Wed 6th Aug '08 6:26PM 10
Mixed MetaphorsSpanners Amanshu Wed 6th Aug '08 1:28PM 8
---The Forum has infected my brainMalcolm Amanshu Wed 6th Aug '08 11:28AM 5
---And a happy birthday to YOU, Clara!Malcolm Magina Tue 5th Aug '08 1:47PM 9
---Browser performance artSpanners Magina Tue 5th Aug '08 1:40PM 2
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