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---Are you, or have you ever been, in a band? Made a CD, or planning to?Malcolm Amanshu Tue 31st Mar '09 9:54AM 18
---Fruity LoopsDemian Demian Fri 12th Dec '08 8:32AM 0
---Crazy Musical ProwessGeneral Demian Sun 1st Jun '08 12:13AM 2
---Bass GuitarsSpanners General Thu 22nd May '08 6:07PM 1
---Extremely Simple music sequencer?Demian General Tue 20th May '08 10:13AM 6
---Man plays Sonic Music on GuitarMr▀etamax Mr▀etamax Mon 14th Apr '08 8:31PM 0
---42 String Guitar!Emo Squid Diziet Fri 7th Mar '08 8:12AM 2
---Headphones, Audiophiles and BSGeneral General Fri 22nd Feb '08 12:32PM 11
---Dissecting .wav / .mp3 filesDemian Demian Mon 4th Feb '08 5:09PM 4
---Free, basic sample player for XPDesert Creature Desert Creature Fri 19th Oct '07 10:55PM 2
---Audio Compression Makes Files Smaller but Sound Worse Shocker!General General Fri 7th Sep '07 5:52PM 0
---Uploading audio filesDiziet Diziet Sun 22nd Apr '07 9:56PM 2
---The Mp3 Recomendation ThreadGeneral General Wed 3rd Jan '07 1:57PM 0
---Podcasting SoftwareGeneral General Mon 18th Sep '06 9:57PM 4
---Bass Player Needed!General General Fri 17th Feb '06 4:52PM 2
---A little challenge for the musicians amongst youDemian Demian Mon 7th Nov '05 5:19PM 3
---Breaking the iPod NanoGeneral Malcolm Thu 3rd Nov '05 4:57PM 5
---Mp3 mixerDiziet Demian Thu 22nd Sep '05 5:02PM 4
---What's so great about 'Bad and Boujee'? -1
---What's so great about 'Bad and Boujee'? -1
---Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed.? -1
---Why isn't modern classical music popular? -1
---Any fans of Bartok's solo piano musics? -1
---'There's such a demand for live music in Sweden'.? -1
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