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a flim flam is as good as a shim sham sam
Fri 11th Mar '05 3:59PM
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13th Apr '04
Electric Six - 19 February 2005, Mandela Hall 10/10
Dick Valentine has a stage presence the likes of which you've never seen before. If you like any of their albums, go see them live - you will not be disappointed.
Rocked the fuck clean out of me

*boingy* *boingy*
Mon 11th Apr '05 7:14PM
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12th Feb '04
Kaiser Chiefs - 4th April 2005 Limelight Belfast 9/10
Oh my God, I can't believe it, I've never seen a front man with such charisma before. This was such an excellent show. My brother finds the output to be somewhat lacking. Prsonally I think the guitar and combination of the lead singers great voice and stage presence (he was mesmerising - and not just cause I think he's mighty fine!) made this one of the best intimate concerts I've ever seen!

Windows Bob - the best!
Fri 6th May '05 5:59PM
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7th Apr '03
Ray Lanmontagne - Shepherds Bush Empire, London 6/10
Painfully shy singer songwriter from Maine looks like a beardy redneck mountain man, but freakishy sounds just like Otis Reading.
Suffered the indignity of having his guitar stop working at the start of his first song which visably spooked him, but as his confidence grew so did his band as he was joined by string bass, drums and a string quartet.
Marred by a slightly sycophantic audience (As many large singer songwriter gigs seem to be) and not likely to get you bouncing off the walls, but for simple heartfelt songs and an unbelievable voice you can't go far wrong.

Allen Key
Stagnating, like a packet of crisps on the roof.
Tue 10th May '05 12:28PM
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10th Oct '04
Queen + Paul Rodgers - 9th May 2005, Sheffield Hallam FM Arena 10/10
O. M. G.

Mexican waves, top glitterball action, 12000 voices raised as one, all the hits and a whole lotta love. Bri and Rog as fab as they ever were, and Paul Rodgers was great too - not Freddie of course, but he wasn't trying to be, and he wasn't on stage all the time, there was a big stretch in the middle when it was just Messrs May and Taylor doing their thang. Freddie's mum was there, and Brian dedicated 'Love of my Life' to her. And best of all, it was being taped for DVD release! So at some unspecified date in the future you'll be able to watch it for yourselves and think 'Hey, Allen Key was there that night, Block 214, 2nd tier, row R, seat 27'

Roguishly handsome
Fri 13th May '05 5:08PM
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13th May '05
Queen + Paul Rodgers - 11th May 2005, Wembley Pavilion 10/10
What a night!

After an hour or so of anticipation the band finally made their appearance on stage, entering to the strains of Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'. Paul Rodgers was first up, to be greeted by loud cheers from the 10,000 strong crowd. The biggest cheer, however, was reserved for the arrival on stage of the hairy guitar god himself, Brian May. After a quick wave to the fans he promptly launched himself into the familiar opening riff of 'Tie Your Mother Down' and the rollercoaster ride had begun.

I can't particularly recommend the Wembley Pavilion as a concert-hall; hopefully the new Wembley Arena will soon be completed. As Brian himself put it, 'We're sorry for the shit-heap of a venue, but we're gonna make it rock!' This they duly did. With a back catalogue as vast and impressive as Queen's it must be quite a headache to devise a set of only two hours but all in all they hadn't done a bad job. Most of the favourites were there, as well as a smattering of Paul Rodgers's hits and even one new song from Roger. Brian managed to squeeze in a preposterously lengthy guitar solo which he performed in front of a large screen showing video images of London; this culminated in Brian standing on the roof of Buckingham Palace as in the Jubilee celebrations. There was also the glitter-ball action mentioned by Allen Key above. I particularly liked the slow version of 'Hammer to Fall' which was almost unrecognisable at first, but eventually reverted to type!

Other highlights included Brian singing '39' and 'Love of My Life' with the audience, the latter having been dedicated to Freddie. Of course Queen are not Queen without Freddie and it was therefore fitting that the man himself was left to sing the opening section of the band's magnum opus 'Bohemian Rhapsody' via video footage shown on the big screen at the back of the stage. The band reappeared for the closing section of the song and it was to riotous applause that they then left the arena.

For the encore we were treated to 'The Show Must Go On' followed by the Free hit 'All Right Now' - finally Paul's chance to shine, which was richly deserved after his performance. I don't think he sang the chorus at all, so vociferous were the crowd! The gig concluded with the classic closing numbers of 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions', rousing anthems which ensured that everyone finished the night on their feet and singing themselves hoarse.

So a great night and definitely a must-see if you get the chance - there are a few dates left in the tour, including one in Hyde Park, London on 8th July. Having seen Queen and Paul Rodgers on their first gig of the tour at the Brixton Academy I can say that there was a noticeable improvement in the show. The whole performance was more polished, Brian's guitar playing was much tighter and Paul Rodgers has clearly grown in confidence. Brian had appeared slightly nervous at the outset of the Brixton Academy gig, as though he was uncertain of the reaction from fans. A warm reception was never in doubt though and any such nerves had long since disappeared by Wednesday.

In short - rock on!

The Guv
I have no idea what to put here........ HELP ME
Tue 20th Sep '05 9:28PM
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29th Nov '04
WOW what a gig
after a nightmare train journey we finally arrived at the castle.
first thing we noticed was the line for the beer so naturally we joined it. whilst in the line KID EGO were playing in the backround in what was supposed to be the second stage (looked more like a couple of tables in a tent) anyway they were one of the poor acts of he day. We finally got our 6 pints 45mins later and decided to rejoin the line for another few beers at which point PLAN A burst on to the stage I left the line and enjoyed a thunderous half hour of rock. Back to the line. Most of the day was spent in the line for beer a total of 17 pints each by the end of the night.
After leaving the line we chose to take shelter in the second stage and to my suprise the next band on SHORTCUT TO NEWARK took to the stage and my first impression was OMG look at the state of these skin tight PVC Pants but they were actually very very good to which i purchased there ep after they left the stage.

Over to the main stage HANOI ROCKS came on looking like bon jovi with worse mullets then came THE 80's MATCHBOX BEELINE DISASTER who were loud but they got the biggest cheer of the day so far due to the fact that Ginger from THE WILDHEARTS and Tony Wright from TERORVISION were watching from the side of the stage.

Now its the big one TERRORVISION burst on the stage to there last ever gig to great applause and played a set of the classics TEQUILLA, OBLIVION, PERSERVERANCE, MY HOUSE, CELEBRITY HIT LIST and PRETEND BEST FRIEND to name a few. Tony Wright was working woth the crowd very well even got us all to laugh about people being out on a saturday night when T' X FACTOR is on and referring to the fact that many people thing that Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant is one of Terrorvision's Hits

Finally at 10.15 THE WILDHEARTS took to the stage which was now armed with cameras as they was making a dvd of the show. They opened with I WANNA GO WHERE THE PEOPLE GO and the crowd went wild as there was something happening what no Wildheart fan has seen before!! Pirotechnic explosions on stage and boy was they using them a lot. next came SICK OF DRUGS followed by GREETINGS FROM SHITSVILLE. They played all the classics with the classic line up of GINGER, CJ, DANNY AND RITCH. After a total of 5 guitars smashed up or given to the crowd one because the strap fell off the sound man was presseing ginger to leave the stage as the council was going to cut the power as they over run but they just ignored the instruction and burst in to MY BABY IS A HEAD F**K and then they had to succombe to the council and left the stage to end the night on LOVE YOU LIKE I DONT.

My total feeling for the day was good but if they do it next year they have to get more than 4 beer pumps installed on site or sell cans and plastic bottles.

and in the words of Tony Wright " What more do you need? A Castle, loads of people, the sea, beer and this is SEASIDE ROCK at its best "

Cheers for reading


Windows Bob - the best!
Mon 20th Nov '06 11:28AM
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7th Apr '03
Gig Review - The Magic Numbers - London Hammersmith Apollo 18/11/06 8/10
The Hammersmith Apollo is the biggest gig the Magic Numbers have ever played and tonight they look like a bunch of excited puppies bounding around the stage clearly loving the jubilant reaction of the capacity crowd.

To celebrate this milestone they have invited along Robert Kirby (The genius arranger responsible for the strings on Nick Drakes first two albums) and a string octet, both of whom play on their recently released second album.

I've been lucky enough to see The Numbers three times with the first being a Camden pub gig in early 2005 while they were still just another band playing Camden toilet circuit gigs. Even then it was obvious that they were something special, by the quality of their songs and their infectious sunny harmonies, so what has changed in 18 months? (other than the size of the venue and the Mercury nomination)

As you might expect the songs are tighter and the band have gained confidence and stage presence, but the biggest revelation is Michelle. She has clearly grown into the role of rock bass player strutting around the stage like Gene Simmons and stomping to the music whilst throwing a series of rock shapes. It's surprising and heartening stuff coming from a 20 year old girl who is probably most famous to the general public for being part of the band that walked off Top Of The Pops after insensitive remarks were made about the bands weight by Richard Bacon.

The reason for the tour is the new album (I haven't heard it yet, but as soon as I have a review will be forthcoming) and the gig is a mixture of old and new with the old favorites unsurprisingly sounding tighter and ushering the strongest response from the audience. The highpoint of the gig is undoubtedly Angela and Romeo's duet on "I See You, You See Me" with every line from Angela provoking yells and whoops from the audience. One of the great strengths of the band is the quality of the three voices and wisely both girls get a turn on lead vocals with songs from the new album. Surprisingly it is Michelle rather than Angela whos vocal turn is most convincing taking centre stage and swapping bass for guitar with Romeo. Whilst Angela has arguably the finest voice in the group her turn is less engaging as she stands off to the side and seems too nervous to cope with being the main focus of the audience.

It remains to be seen if the new album will be as big a hit as its predecessor, but if the reactions of this crowd are anything to go by then they can count on a devoted live following for some time to come.


Misses his big brother :(
Tue 19th Dec '06 10:29AM
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7th Apr '03
Birmingham Symphony Hall - White Christmas 45/10
Wow! Wow wow wow wow! Fantastic!
I went along expecting a nice happy set of carols and crimbo tunes, maybe a few people in santa hats and a general feeling of goodwill about the place.
But I got so much more!
All the christmas classics including All I Want for Christmas is You, Santa Baby, Baby It's Cold Outside, Winter Wonderland, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day and so many more feel-good festive classics, all with fantastic orchestral arrangements.
Performing were the London Concert Orchestra the Capital Voices Choir and Deborah Myers and Simon Bowman, two fantastic West End performers.

Highlights included:
A very random song about a turkey haunting a farmer halfway through which Simon Bowman appeared with a turkey hat on and started gobbling and pecking Deborah Myers
Simon Elvising it up in fine style with his rendition of Blue Christmas
Getting the whole audience involved with the Twelve Days of Christmas - they divided us into 12 sections and gave us all actions for our parts. Thanks to our fantastic seats in the rear stalls I was a Turtle Dove
During Merry Xmas Everyone the conductor jumped off his podium and performed a dance routine with Deborah and Simon

Aaaah so gooooood. I feelin festive now

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Tue 27th Feb '07 11:13AM
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23rd Feb '07
Nine Inch Nails + Ladytron 8/10
There is something special about the Manchester Apollo - a cinema/variety hall built in the 1930's, it retains much of it's original decor. When ever i see a gig there, i spend quite a bit of time gazing up at the vast, red ceiling (lighting permitting) and thinking about that golden age of cinema, when the venue would have been a cornerstone of the local community. Also, hoping that in the time between the present gig and the last one i attended, the owners might just have got some air-con installed.

I arrived at the gig just as Ladytron took to the stage and unleased a wall of trouser-shaking electro-noise. They are powerful, but fail to get the audience's full attention and i can't help thinking that they are a 'studio band' who might get away with a gig in a nightclub, but anything larger and they are likely to struggle.
They race through their set and quickly scarper.

After an astonishingly rapid turnaround, NIN take to the stage somewhat unannounced, amidst swathes of ethereal synth sounds and Bladerunner-era industrial sounds. The first words to leave Trent's mouth are answered with an almighty roar from the crowd and lots of this:
The house lights are still up at this point. As the drums come thundering in, the lights drop and my eyeballs start to shake.
What followed was 2 hours of no-holds-barred agression with smatterings of heart-felt tenderness and even a bit of comedy as Trent leat from the stage with a large spotlight in his hand and everything went a bit karaoke. The highlights of the evening for me being the epic, driving version of the classic 'Head Like A Hole' (a big, fat up-yours to blind consumerism) and 'Hurt', a song described by Johnny Cash as 'simply beautiful'. It's been a while since i've seen a sea of lighters go up in the air like that and it not seem at all cheesy.

They definately left the crowd wanting more, but i was too busy trying to find my face at the back of the hall to join in with the chanting.

-1 point for Ladytron's struggle, -1 point for NIN not playing my personal fave of their's.

Even red onions have a silver lining
Tue 27th Feb '07 3:45PM
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27th Sep '04
Kaiser Chiefs - Manchester Apollo 7/10
I was really looking forward to this. Really really. It was one of a few gigs to preview the second album...

I heartily recommend Ruby, Everything is Average Nowadays and Highroyds, all excellent new tunes. Ricky Wilson jumps about like Tigger and you know he's enjoying it up there.

All well and good, but when you have got two albums' worth of material YOU'VE ENOUGH SONGS TO DO MORE THAN AN HOUR'S SET!!!

I've no complaints about the songs they did perform - brilliant showmanship, got the crowd going, singalong a 'Predict a Riot', all fab. It's just that it wasn't long enough. It's a good job the Deanery got us free train tix, or I'd have been far more fed up. Spending 23 each is one thing, but doubling that for the limited amount we got would have been rather galling.

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Wed 28th Mar '07 9:42AM
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23rd Feb '07
Ernie's Rhythm Section - Old House At Home, Manc 9.5/10
Wow! 2 lads in their early 20's playing music that is more than double their combined age... and sounding completely authentic. There's no beating a bit of harmonica-driven delta blues in a pub that serves quality ales - and it's only 5 mins walk from my house! Woop woop!!!

I lost my toes in a game of blackjack
Fri 6th Apr '07 11:33AM
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5th Jan '07
Terry Callier - Mint Lounge, Manchester 9/10
Now, I didn't know much about this man before I went to see him other than what the friend who took me along had told me / played to me beforehand, but he'd given me pretty high expectations. Terry Callier started off recording in the sixties as a soul singer, and has developed into doing a pretty unique soul/blues/folk/jazz hybrid.

He's got a quiet presence on stage rather than your standard "soul man" persona. He likes to pay tribute to influences/friends one song about Billy Holiday and one about Miles Davis and showcase his band, who were unbelievably good. His songwriting ability's undeniable; based purely on one listen (or in some cases two listens), they were great songs, so much so I'm surprised he's not more of a mainstream legend but it really all came together in the performance. Really really great live performer, helped rather than hindered by his non-showy attitude. Powerful classic blues/soul voice, but really versatile, can do jazz improv without breaking a sweat and throws in some impressive vocal gymnastics (sparingly and only for effect). He held my attention to the extent I didn't believe my watch when it said it was eleven at the end of the gig and we had to leg it for a train.

1 mark lost for unfortunate venue - not enough standing room for everyone and lots of REALLY TALL PEOPLE AT THE FRONT , so people gave up trying to see and sat by the bar; the resulting crowd noise spoilt his quieter ones a bit.

EDITed for bracket overload (I like brackets a bit too much)

Misses his big brother :(
Tue 22nd May '07 1:35AM
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7th Apr '03
Manic Street Preachers - Archers Studio, BBC Birmingham 5/10
The Manics came in to do a live set on Janice Long's Radio 2 show about half an hour ago so I popped up to the studio to have a listen.
They played two songs (the new rubbish one and If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next) in an acoustic set with two session guys. James Dean Bradfield was fantastic and Nicky Wire didn't have his bass with him so he just kinda sat there with his eyes shut having a silent rock-out as they played. In fact Nicky Wire just looked like a walking mid-life crisis. He's an overweight middle-aged man with bright red hair wearing white jeans, a Sex Pistols T-shirt and a Navy Admiral's jacket. Damn he's rubbish. JD rocked out though.

5 points because half the set was great but they need to realise when they should stop writing new material.

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Thu 5th Jul '07 11:10AM
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23rd Feb '07
Sepultura - Manchester Academy 2 9/10
Brazilian death metal at it's absolute finest. They played all the classics and lots of new stuff. The mosh-pit was delightful.

*Now smoke free*

Windows Bob - the best!
Mon 9th Jul '07 10:42PM
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7th Apr '03
Live Earth - Music Review 10/10
I'm not going to even bother trying to describe the event just the music. Might do the event at a later date. Watched the event back on TV on Sunday was interesting how different some of the bands sounded on telly which I will mention when relevant.

Sound is quite muddy, Musicianship is polished, but not all that exciting. Phil Collins inexplicably provides the first "Fuck" of the day at 11am. Sounded a lot better on TV.

Jonny Borrel flounces around in a girls top and makeup plays two hit singles and has the crowd on his side and then flounces about complaining about the sound before playing an obscure album track which looses the crowd totally.

Snow Patrol
First two tracks are pretty decent then they play Chasing Cars and for the first time hands fly into the air and people start singing along. Gary Lightbody looks stunned and overwhelmed by the volume of Wembley singing back at him. Didn't come across as well on TV.

Damian Rice David Grey
Not my cup of tea, but David Grey come across as pretty charismatic.

Best band so far, absolutely blow the roof off. Tom stomps about like the stadium belongs to him and the audience seem to agree. Set finishes in style with a wicked drum solo and lots of feedback

Paulo Nutini
I have some time for his records, but as when I saw the Glasto coverage of him he hunches his back like he has spinal problems and mumbles into his shoes in a weird Golum type voice. Played far too many songs considering much better artists played less. The biggest low point so far.

Black Eyes Peas
Not my cup of tea but get a great response getting everyone moving and sound powerful

John Legend
Generic soul ballad. I find my attention waning and then discovering the song has finished.

Duran Duran
Gamely soldier on despite technical hitches but sound indistinct and all over the place. A band I was looking forward to but proved to be a bit disappointing.

After a really long break band come on sans Kleidis and jam for a bit. The he comes on and they play a song talk in jokey nonsense and have long off mike conversations on stage. Rhythm section are predictably awesome, but not as good as I was expecting.

Bloc Party
Very good sound tight and funky, get a good response

Corrinne Bailey Rae
Missed most of it cos I was having a wee, but sounded pleasant enough.

I'll freely admit that I don't like Keanes music, but Tom has got some pretty awesome pipes on him and is looking loads healthier since he stopped being a bit drug dustbin. They play it like a real stadium rock band and it is one of the pleasant surprises of the day.

Everything steps up a gear. Metallica play like bastards, crowd go apeshit, moshing breaks out everyone knows all of the words. You can really tell that this is a band who play Stadiums this size every day of the week.
Much better than the last time I saw them when they were really off form.

Spinal Tap
So awesome to get the chance to see the tap. Stone Henge is hilarious, middle song a bit rubbish, but then "Big Bottom" featuring bass players from every single band so far is an awesome experience not to mention a kick ass song.

James Blunt
Inexplicable scheduling strikes as James blunt breaks up the rock section of the evening with his piss pour whining. Gets lots of boos really dull, by the end several members of the audience have blood spurting out of their eyes and resort to eating their own children (I'm exaggerating, but not much).

Beastie Boys
Awesome from start to finish. Start off MCing over Mix Master Mikes turntable awesomeness then bring the house down playing as a band with Sabotage which can only be understood by imagining tens of thousands of people all shouting "LISTEN ALLA YALL IT'S SABOTAGE!!!" as loud as they can.

Pussy Cat Dolls
Once again inexplicably scheduled really late in the day for a band that ain't all that famous and are playing in the middle of a load of rock bands. Warble along to a tape while prancing around. The set seems to be much longer than anyone else's. Most of the crowd seem to go from the Beasties jump fest to standing about with arms folded looking pissed off with the occasional "Get Yer Tits Out" yelled out. All of the songs at some point switch into eurodisco and the girls do jiggly aerobics to disguise the fact that all their songs are shit. I was surprised that an act based on girls in lingerie could be this rubbish.

Foo Fighters


Played it like they were headlining their own show rather than being a turn at a bigger show. People go predictably nuts. Manage to out do Metalica at the stadium rock thing which is no mean feat. Best act of the night by far.
Many exhausted people don't even stick around for Madonna.

First song is a rubbish new Live Earth tribute thing which features a school choir and sucks ass in a horrible way.
With that done we get Ray Of Light rocked up with Madonna rocking out on a Les Paul and having a good swear. Isla Bonita with an inspired cameo, by Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello and finally a body popping version of Hung Up.
I would never play 150 for a ticket to one of her shows, but seeing this I now know why people do.

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Thu 11th Oct '07 5:42PM
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23rd Feb '07
Oceansize, Manchester Academy 3 (the small one) 10/10

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Mon 28th Jan '08 9:43AM
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23rd Feb '07
Fanfare Ciocarlia - RNCM 10/10
Romany. Brass. Face-melting. Ace.

They played for a whole hour longer than they were supposed to!

Desert Creature
Boof boof, sproing!
Sun 27th Apr '08 9:45AM
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9th Oct '07
Bjork - Wolverhampton Civic Hall 10/10
The support dj was terrible. If the crowd hadn't been so lovely she'd have been booed from the stage. Just a load of noise and no beats to speak of. This was a bit of a shame and a waste because there are so many curious little bands around which would have done much better. Things soon improved.

Bjork's band was composed of a ten strong, all female, Icelandic brass section, two fellows on electronics, a harpsichord and keyboard player and a drummer (who was particularly good). Bjork was sporting a baggy yellow dress and silver leggings. Black paint across her forehead gave her a kind of vampish monobrow and under UV light her whole face went purple.

The best gig atmosphere I've ever experienced. I was standing front and centre but didn't feel much pressure from the crowd at all, in fact there was room enough to dance rather than just jump up and down. Bjork's voice was in great shape. I was a bit worried by Medulla where I thought her voice sounded a little strained in places but not touring that album probably gave it a well earned rest. She seemed to really enjoy herself and pick up on the good vibes from the grinning audience.

Set list as far as I can remember

Earth Intruders
Declare Independence - last song of the encore, brass section all shout "higher! higher!" into the mics on their instruments
Where is the Line - difficult but not impossible to dance to!
Oll Birtan - just Bjork and a harpsichord, proved her voice was in good shape
Oceania - not the album or Olympic version but an interesting brass arrangement
Triumph of a Heart - brass made a good substitute for all the vocal work on the album version
Pagan Poetry
Hunter - awesome live drumming
Unravel - my favourite Bjork song, brought a tear to my eye
Pluto - Heavier than a heavy thing, really intense
Hyper-ballad - She let the crowd sing the whole first verse and we loved it!
I Miss You - great brass but sadly missing the trumpet solo at the end

10/10 My best gig ever. Knocks Skunk Anansie '95 off the top spot.

The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Wed 10th Sep '08 6:30PM
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16th Jul '08
R.EM (supported by the Gillimonts and the Editors) 24th August Lancashire Cricket Ground 9/10
If your a fan of REM it was awesome! Having a huge back catalogue and a load of new material the band managed to cover the classic crowd pleasers and some good new stuff. Band was on form and Michael Stype said some interesting weird stuff. Also they plugged Oxfam the charity which is nice.

On a side note: See the link below for a great version of Shiny Happy called Furry Happy Monsters


The support acts fared very unevenly. The Gillimonts went first and played a lot of uninspiring music. They completely failed to win over the crowd and managed to get booed. Impresive considering an REM crowd is a very well behaved one. Best part of the band was the drummer who rather cunningly realised that as no one knows them if he goes out first and does fantastic drumming he will get the crowds attention. Pitty when the band played it went down hill fast.

The other band the Editors got a far more warmer reception and did a rather good set. Managing to win over the crowd and heat things up nicely for REM. Probably managed to get a few new fans by the crowds reaction.

At 40 per person it wasn't a cheap gig but you got your moneys worth. Gillimonts for 1 hour, Editors for 1 hour and REM played for 2 and a half hours.
Second opinion by Demian on 13th Sep '08 10/10
Furry Happy Monsters laughing

Monsters having fun
Happy, happy!
See them jump and run
Happy, happy!
Laughing all the while
Cheerful, cheerful!
Flashing up a smile -
Thats a perfect sign that they're feeling fine!

Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters laughing

Something has gone wrong!
Sighing, sighing
Faces have turned long -
Crying, crying
Hear them sob and whine
Tearful, tearful -
That's a real good sign that they're feeling glum...
Sad, sad times have come!

Furry sobbing monsters feeling sad
Furry sobbing monsters feeling sad
Furry sobbing monsters crying!

Come on monsters, you don't have to cry -
We can be happy!

Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters laughing!

Furry sobbing monsters feeling sad
Furry sobbing monsters feeling sad
Furry sobbing monsters crying!

Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters feeling glad
Furry happy monsters laughing!

Monsters, happy monsters (happy monsters)
Monsters, happy monsters (happy monsters)
Monsters, happy monsters (happy monsters)!

 Average Rating 9.5

Giggity Giggity goo
Tue 14th Apr '09 12:44PM
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25th Aug '04
David Ford 12th April Old Market Brighton 9/10
There's no easy way to say this and make it sound good, but David Ford is a one man band. He does however make it work quite impressively. He makes use of a large number of loop pedals so that rather than playing each instrument at once he simply records a bit and then plays it back on a loop before moving on to the next instrument.

Initially this is just kind of fun, he's either always singing or moving onto the next instrument to add some more depth to the music. As things progress however he starts to do play with it a lot more to create a fuller sound. Whether this is blowing on the guitar strings, singing a seven part backing harmony with himself, or just stamping on his piano, whatever adds depth.

It makes for a compelling show. You're never quite sure which instrument he's going to pick up next or how he's going to use it, and he's a master of all of them.

He doesn't do this for every song. In between he limits himself to just the piano or guitar (with a remote control drumkit!) and these in themselves are compelling, although I'd have to admit I did find my attention wandering a couple of times in the quieter numbers. Still overall the set was a hugely enjoyable evening with David Ford happily bantering with the crowd and rather neatly turning a drunken heckler into a laughing stock!

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