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Inverness eating establishments - 1 to 5
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Poke me in the knees and call me Roger
Thu 31st Mar '05 1:33PM
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4th Oct '03
The Mustard Seed 3/10
A much proclaimed restaurant located in a beautiful setting just by the big old river in Inverness. Recommended by almost everyone you meet, you won't fail to be thoroughly disappointed by your meal. In stunning ways. I ordered what was described as 'A stack of baked aubergine and tomato, with basil leaves and olive oil'. And got exactly that. Literally. It began with a slice of aubergine, went on to a slice of tomato, and so on forming a thin vegetable tower consisting of an estimated half aubergine and whole tomato. Underneath the topmost slice of aubergine were two basil leaves, and there was a small amount of oil drizzled around it. And it came with carrots and mange tout as side vegetables. Maybe good if you're on the Atkins diet or some such silly thing as that, but really, you need SOME carbohydrate.

My ape goosed a Bishop. Who are you?
Mon 23rd May '05 8:12AM
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3rd Jun '03
An Anonymous Fish And Chip Shop, On The Corner Of Young Street And Tap Lane, But Whose Name I Can't Remember And Which Doesn't Seem To Be Mentioned Anywhere On The Internet (hereinafter abbreviated to AAFACSOTCOYSATLBWNICRAWDSTBMAOTI)

This is everything you'd expect from an Inverness chip shop. Located on a corner, with windows facing both streets to tempt in the passer by, and a few chairs around the windows for the more leisurely chip consumer to sit at while consuming their wares. It sells everything you would want an Inverness chip shop to sell - yes, even haggis. But the real show-stopper is the Macaroni Pie. (For those of you not familiar with the bakeries or chip shops of the northern half of Scotland, macaroni pies consist of a pastry case filled with macaroni cheese, topped with a perfectly browned layer of cheese. An exquisite product, all the more improved for the fact that you can just imagine your mother protesting about its lack of nutritious content.)

AAFACSOTCOYSATLBWNICRAWDSTBMAOTI produced a perfect example of said delicacy - made in that crisp pastry with vertical sides that you get in Scottish pies. Perfectly cooked; exactly the right degree of browning, and improved all the more by the fact that the salt and vinegar is deliberately applied to the pie as well as to the chips. Add to this the perfectly cooked chip shop chips, with just the right balance of overall squishiness but with the occasional crispy bit, and you have the ideal takeaway meal.

Plus, two people can eat for about ?3. Highly recommended.

Giggity Giggity goo
Thu 10th Aug '06 1:43PM
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25th Aug '04
The Baker's Oven 7/10
Located right next to the River Ness, and just below the castle, this is exactly what you want from a breakfast bakery. Fresh bread, nice bacon/sausage (no idea about vegetarian options, I didn't ask). If it's sunny I highly recommend wandering down to the river, finding a nice spot and watching the world go by. A perfect start to the day.

There's no pee in catheter!
Thu 10th Aug '06 9:41PM
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8th Aug '06
The bin outside McD's 1/10
Undeniably cheap, but smell's like a gypsy's pet's behind. Gives you that all-over shaky feeling.

Misses his big brother :(
Mon 14th Aug '06 6:44AM
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7th Apr '03
That cafe 6/10
It was on one of the main streets, I think there was a Boots a couple of doors down. And a newsagent. I was only 14 at the time so I'm a little vague on the details but I'm pretty sure I had a coke and some form of shortbread.
I don't remember it offending me so it musta been half decent.

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