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Cocktails - 1 to 5
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Poke me in the knees and call me Roger
Thu 14th Apr '05 3:12PM
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4th Oct '03
Banana Cocktail 10/10
Although cocktails following similar recipes may try to pass themselves off as Banana Cocktails, only one combination really does the trick. Made of a cool blend of a whole banana per person, rum, creme de banane, and ice, you are guaranteed to have a truly bananarific experience. Don't be fooled by other combinations, they will only disappoint you. If you're after a fruity, refreshing treat, this is the cocktail for you.

a flim flam is as good as a shim sham sam
Thu 14th Apr '05 7:36PM
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13th Apr '04
White Russian 8/10
1x 35ml Kahlua [Tia Maria can substitute]
1x 35ml Vodka
Cream [LIGHT CREAM, or you'll get some kind of crazy yoghurt!]
Ice, cubes

Put the cream and ice into a cocktail shaker, and shake for a couple of seconds to thicken the cream slightly. Add the spirits, shake again and pour.

Measures of spirits can be made to taste: I prefer slightly more Kahlua than vodka, but apparently it is standard to have slightly more vodka than Kahlua. Your mileage may vary.

Giggity Giggity goo
Tue 26th Apr '05 2:28PM
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25th Aug '04
J2O sunrise non-alcoholic cocktail 7/10
Take one pint glass and fill with ice.
Pour in a bottle of J2O of your choice.
Top up with lemonade, but do not stir.

The lemonade will sit on top to create a wonderful sunrise effect (obviously this only works with apple and mango, or orange and passionfruit - not so much sunrise with apple and melon). Plus it tastes great, and the masses of ice make it cold for longer.
It works out at about the same price as a J2O and half of lemonade.

Even red onions have a silver lining
Fri 16th Feb '07 9:05AM
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27th Sep '04
Moscow Mule 9/10
My new favourite cocktail. A mixture of vodka, ginger, lime and bitters. Warming yet refreshing, 'tis a must for these miserable, wet, winter days.

No idea of the quantities involved - I leave that to the barpeeps.

EDIT: I've never tried one, but here's the recipe - Amanshu

Misses his big brother :(
Sat 11th Apr '09 4:21PM
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7th Apr '03
Cuba Libre 8/10
Basically it's a posh rum and coke but damn does it hit the spot on a warm evening :)
Second opinion by General on 11th Apr '09 9/10
Diet coke and a shot of Mount Gay magic
    Average Rating 8.5

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