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By bye hackers
Worst animal and why?? - 31 to 38
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Even red onions have a silver lining
Fri 29th Jul '05 8:23AM
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27th Sep '04
Horse H8! Liking your thinking there.

Ghostly Thread Bumper
Tue 30th Sep '08 10:39AM
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21st Dec '04

I vote for zombie pigeons.

There's no pee in catheter!
Tue 30th Sep '08 12:52PM
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8th Aug '06
It's still a bit strange to see threads bumped from before I lost my Daddy virginity.

Anyway, is my mind there can only be one vote for worst animal. Whilst there is a lot of death in the animal kingdom (food, territory, mating, threats), humans are the only animal that go out and kill for fun. They even make machines that are so effective at killing animals that there is relatively little challenge in it. They've even managed to effect genocide by hunting species to extinction. They are intolerant of other species if they trespass on their territory and destroy natural habitats of thousands of species just to expand their territories.

They scar the landscape and pollute the skies just to make their lives a little bit more comfortable and have even changed the climate of the entire planet so much that habitats and animals thousands of miles away in the polar region are increasingly suffering and will probably be made extinct in the coming decades.

It is ironic that I'm posting this from the warm confines of my office.

Misses his big brother :(
Tue 30th Sep '08 5:23PM
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7th Apr '03
Slugs are pretty rubbish. Although being the only creature (along with snails) that can entirely dissolve is quite impressive.

The world's amazing, let's keep it for a bit longer

The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Tue 30th Sep '08 6:00PM
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16th Jul '08
I nominate panda bears for worst animal ever.
Partly because they are not even bears! The panda is actually descended from the same family as racoons and badgers. Owing that its miss labelling is not really its fault I will state my case further.

Iím sure we are all aware that the Panda has been endangered for a long period of and itís largely self inflicted. Part of the problem is they only like a very specific type of bamboo. This even breaks down to their own preferred type of this incredibly rare bamboo. The panda needs to eat daily their own body weight in bamboo. However, bamboo only grows certain months of the year meaning the fussy panda will quietly die of starvation if its bamboo is not available. To make matters worse bamboo is probably the worst plant matter when it comes to energy and protein.

It goes without saying the panda is therefore a very large creature that doesnít have a lot of energy for doing anything useful like moving and defending itself. Indeed, the panda is near incapable of defending itself against a predator including the wonderful humans.

Another reason for their near extinction is they donít like each other. Apparently Pandas are shy creatures preferring spend all their days energy eating all that irritatingly rare bamboo. A panda will happily spend his or her life avoiding their own kind as much as possible.

Now in the basics of a species survival is the need to produce offspring, not so for the panda. Millions is spent by zoos trying to persuade the panda to get jiggy with it. Again with the fussy-ness Mr & Miss Panda take ages to decide if they fancy each other or not. Wasting everyoneís time waiting for them to decide they like each other. Even then they donít get down to business straight away and strangely may even decide to not to have sex.

Some zoos have even show panda-porn to get them in the mood. Got knows how they managed to film a couple of pandas at it. Bet the director had difficulties getting his star panda to perform on that shoot. But I digress...
Even when Mrs Panda drops her panda cub (incidentally pandas tend to have only one panda cub) she may decide she doesnít like the thing and abandon it. Hence the vast number of panda cubs raised in captivity.

I put to the Daddy that the panda is just not trying. Without human on the planet the panda would have probably have died out by now. As an animal the panda is just not trying to survive, itís like it wants to die (Foot note, I read that one zoo in China is giving its pandas anti-depressants). If I was a tiger, grey rhino, bull nosed frog or any other endangered species Iíd be really mad with panda. Any other endangered species is at least trying to make it in this hard world.

Prosecution rests.

Misses his big brother :(
Wed 1st Oct '08 2:11PM
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7th Apr '03
Not all Pandas are like that though, the Giant Panda for sure gets a D- at best for effort but Red Pandas are trying their best.

Windows Bob - the best!
Sun 5th Oct '08 6:29PM
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7th Apr '03

I thought it was just the missus who hates Pandas.

She also wants to add that they don't produce sufficiently nourishing milk to feed their own offspring.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 6th Oct '08 2:39PM
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7th Apr '03
Thought this deserved a repost

This essay was written by an 8th grader in Pittsburgh in the spring of
2004. The assignment was to pick an enangered species, and explain why
it's important to save it. The typos and formatting are preserved from
the original.

Richard XXXXXXXX Draft 2

I shouldn't do shit. I don't care about them they all
could die and it won't affect my life. I know a lot about them
but I don't need to think about them. They're just a waste of
time koalas are stupid they don't help me with shit so why
should I help them. If they all die there will be more room for
the panthers and all the other hard animals. Koalas are weak a
pit will get rid of their whole fucking family. That's why I
don't like koalas.

Koalas have sharp claws but they are weak. They all small
and fat and they be climing trees. I hope a storm just come
while theyjust chilling up in the tree thinking they is hard and
they're will all just fall off. They just break they neck and
shit. When they fall they claws are going to fall off and they
going to be crying like some little bitches.

Koalas aren't hard they some little bitches. They start
climbing up the tree soon as they see a deer from like 50feet
away. They stupid as hell they should put their brain in their
pouch and put the kid in they ten they're be able to think
better. They try to be in the fucking kangaroo family. They weak
as hell, talking bout they got a pouch a kangaroo so they their
cousins and shit. Kangaroo's have some big ass legs and whot do
a koala got? Some little ass legs, they tails is little and weak
as fuck kangaroo's got a big ass long tail that can kill a
fucking koala.

If a koala goes in the water it won't be able to breathe
with its little short ass. It'd fucking drown soon aas it take
one step into the water. While they at the river trying to get
something to drink a bear could just come to him and snatch its
ass up. It doesn't know protection because they don't have
protection. What they little ass going to do? It can't scratch
him. The bear will beat his fucking ass.

The important think about koalas is that just don't care
about tem and let them die by all the other animals in
Australia. They're not important just let nature do what it do
and kill them. Koalas do not have a place in this world there's
not enough room for all the bitches in this world. So let all
the koalas that's in the zoos and shit. Let them go and put them
back with their family. If you let them all go they won't
nothing except for that's what they was put in this world for.

Now you know why koalas aren't important. They have
nothing to do except for sitting around in the trees. It's like
they just was like they was sent have to die. Koalas don't do
nothing to help anybody. Thre would be just one more relative of
the kangaroo that will be six feet under. Now you know why
koalas are not important because there are dumb.

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