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The Official TheDaddy.Org Awards! - 1 to 1
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Wed 12th Oct '05 5:34PM
4678 Posts
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7th Apr '03
Over in the admin board the admins had been making nominations for the award ceremony to be held at the first TheDaddy.Org Forum Meet!

For those of you unable to make the meet, here are the official Award Winners! Fantastic prizes were given out (Malley, let us know if you received yours OK) and gin was served to all!

So without further ado, the winners:

Most Boring Thread:
Malcolm - "Stylistic choice - your opinions wanted"

Most Intellectual Thread:
Spanners - "Can you always be right?"

Most Random Thread:
Amanshu - "The longest thread in the world... ever!

Most Creative Thread:
Malley - "A novel way to spend time off work..."

Most Scary Thread:
Demian - Ouchie The Clown
(NWS if you click the links!)

Best Collaborative Thread:
Malley & Malcolm - "Office work: the musical"

Best Mini-Review:
Malcolm - "Lost"

Most Useful Thread:
Mildred - "How to warm your face"

Gordon's Award for Services to Gin:

Most Absent Poster to Turn Up at the Meet:

Most Forum Improvements Suggested:

Lifetime Award for Services to Moderation:

And of course a special Cadbury's award for the real Daddy of them all:

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone else who didn't get an award but contributes to TheDaddy Forums - we loves ya anyway, and keep up the awesome quality of posting which continues to make the place go from strength to strength

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