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Footwear - 1 to 6
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Misses his big brother :(
Sun 16th Oct '05 10:44PM
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7th Apr '03
Converse All Stars 9/10
These have gained much popularity in recent years and deservedly so. They originally appeared on the scene as basketball shoes given their light, flexible and darned comfortable properties but they are a great comfort shoe for all purpose wear. I've never found a better shoe for driving.
They are all canvas so not good for wet weather and they wear out faster than trainers (mine have averaged about 8 months) but on the flip side they only cost ?30-?40 and you can normally find up to a size 13 on the high street.
Today I bought my fourth pair, moving away for the first time from the boot style to the shoe style. I have high hopes.
Second opinion by Spanners on 25th Aug '08 9/10
I have just recently started on pair six (purple, boot type this time) and I'm still as thrilled with them as ever I was! Really, get yerself some.
    Average Rating 9

Even red onions have a silver lining
Wed 19th Oct '05 11:03AM
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27th Sep '04
Flip flops 1/10
I like this thread!

Seem like a really good idea in Summer, but are in fact the work of the devil himself.
For anyone with narrow feet it is impossible to keep the blighters on. You end up:

- Walking in a bizarre 'penguin' manner, trying not to leave the things 10 metres behind you
- Getting cramp in your toes as you curl them up, again to try and keep the things on your feet
- Getting really horrendous blisters between your big and second toes from the 'thong' (yes, they do call it that) part of the 'shoe', even if they are 'designed for comfort'

Basically - just don't! 1/10 (some of them can be spangly and pretty, so have an aesthetic quality - only redeeming feature)
Second opinion by Agentgonzo on 21st Aug '08 0/10
Women seem to wear them in the office in summer, which means that you get the really loud an intensely irritating thwack-thwack-thwack-thwack across the entire office whenever they walk anywhere. They seem to also take offence when you stare at them or express your irritation.
 Average Rating 0.5

There's no pee in catheter!
Thu 21st Aug '08 4:12PM
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8th Aug '06
Gore-tex hiking boots 9/10
For many years, I had normal hiking boots that were not water resistant. Some of the pairs that I had were leather that you'd put dubbin on to try and waterproof them, but if it rained, water would seep in through them. I assumed that it was normal to have damp and cold feet when hiking or out in the fields on a wet day.

Gore-tex boots are amazing. You can quite happily step into a river (as long as your ankle doesn't go underneath the level of the water, in which case your boot would fill from the top and hold the water in) and still have totally dry feet - It's even a bit unnerving to not have that cold trickly feeling you get when the water oozes in to old boots. I was amazed with the first pair that I got and absolutely love them. They are expensive, but if you do a lot of stuff outdoors, they are worth every penny. I'm still surprised when I take the boots off at the end of the day to have dry socks and feet that haven't gone white and wrinkly with damp.

Mrs Spanners if you please.
Sun 24th Aug '08 4:59PM
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18th Apr '06
'Irregular Choice' shoes 10/10
Ah! the ladies' favorite! 'Irregular choice' shoes/boots/whatever, they're all beautifull!

What they lack in practicality they make up for in originality and detail; they're stylish, colorful, often ridiculously high and always classy.

Here are some examples for you poor people who have not experienced these delights.....

I really really love shoes...........................................
Second opinion by Spanners on 24th Aug '08 4/10
They're ok but get to be a bit of a pain when there are 40 pairs falling out at you whenever you open the cupboard
 Average Rating 7

Mrs Spanners if you please.
Wed 27th Aug '08 12:53PM
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Member Since
18th Apr '06
Birkenstocks 8/10
A solid sandal. They take some wearing in but once you're there they're fantastic! I have some of these...

... and I love them. Apparently they now make shoes too.... hhhhmmmmmmmm.....

Second opinion by Magina on 28th Aug '08 2/10
Naughty shoes... I walked 6 miles in these yesterday and now I have a blister. booo
 Average Rating 5

Daddy Mack
Sat 11th Apr '09 1:16AM
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HuMpO's Avatar
Member Since
22nd Mar '09
Vans 10/10
People In My Area Call Them 'Skater Shoes' And Call Me A Emo For Wearing Them, But They Are So Comfortable Lol. Couldnt Live Without Them

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