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Sun 6th Nov '05 8:47PM
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7th Apr '03
Welcome to the newest addition to TheDaddy.org, The Big Questions!

Now the forum user base has grown we have decided to split General Merriment into two by creating this brand new board. GM will retain all the fun and jollity that you know and love, but now there is a new home for debate and discussion.

What Goes On The Big Questions?
The Big Questions board is for discussion and chat about the world and what?s going on in it including but not limited to: News & Current Affairs, Politics Culture, Science, Philosophy, Ethics, Theology, and History. The intention isn?t that it should be entirely dry as that isn?t really in the spirit of TDDO, more that it provides a place for people who want a proper chat about something.

What Doesn?t Go On The Big Questions?
Humour and links to entertainment sites should continue to go on General Merriment as should general chat and banter.
Technical posts should remain on Techy Stuff unless there is an aspect of discussion. For example a thread called ?Could a Computer Ever be Creative?? is a Big Questions thread whereas ?Can Anyone Help Me Configure My Wireless Router?? is clearly destined for Techy Stuff.
Non Work Safe Material ? This means anything that could result in someone being disciplined for viewing it at work under a typical corporate IT usage policy. For more details see the general forum rules on the help pages.

Posting Guidelines
These guidelines are not absolutes, and you are encouraged to use your judgement when applying them, but following them will make the board a more enjoyable place to be and earn you the love and respect of the grateful admins.
* Try to give balanced opinions about subjects rather than rant.
* When starting a thread based on a link to a news site please try to give an opinion or some editorial to accompany it rather than just a URL.
* Try to avoid follow up posts that simply say ?I agree with Bob?. Try to use your posts to add clarity, detail or a new opinion to a thread.
* We discourage pedantry, but posts expressing complex viewpoints can be hard enough to understand at the best of times, so a moment to check you don?t have any glaring language errors before you post is much appreciated.
* Similarly using 1337, h4x0r, or txt slang just serves to confuse people, so leave your w00ts and LMFAO at the door.
* When quoting chop out any text that isn?t appropriate to your reply so as not to clutter up the page with superfluous text.
* When talking about specialist subjects it is very helpful to less knowledgeable posters if you could avoid specialist language wherever practicable. (If you do use it a link to the appropriate Wikipedia entry or the like will help no end)
* Try to avoid using acronyms unless they are well known, or have been defined earlier in the thread.
* Don?t take it too seriously. Contentious issues can stir up strong feelings, but we at the daddy.org are all brothers.
* Some people have extreme views and though we try to accept all viewpoints on the board, if you intend to post a particularly controversial opinion (For example ?Single mothers should be forced to give their children up for adoption?) please ensure that you present a well reasoned and detailed argument to back up your claim, or you may be perceived to be discriminating and contravene rule one below.

Absolute Rules
We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and friendly forum, but these rules are the bottom line and posts that contravene them will be deleted and repeat offenders may have their accounts suspended.
* No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Religious Hatred, etc will be tolerated. We understand the importance of uncensored debate, but expressing an opinion based on hatred is not permitted. To give an idea where the line is drawn the post ?I think the UK should not accept asylum seekers? is fine provided you back this up with solid reasoning for your belief, but the post ?I think all Pakistanis should be forced to leave the country? is clearly just race hatred and will be deleted.
* Treat posters with respect. The admins are very protective of our users and no personal abuse, threats, or intimidation of other forum users will be accepted at all. However morally reprehensible someone else?s beliefs are to you it is far better to provide an intelligent rebuff to their post than to tell them you think they are ?Full of S**t?
* The hijacking of threads is not permitted. This is a lesser offence and will be taken in context. The odd on topic gag is fine, (and is indeed the TDDO way) but going off on a surreal tangent and deliberately derailing a thread is not on.
* This board is part of the TDDO forum as a whole so the global forum rules also apply.

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