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By bye hackers
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Misses his big brother :(
Mon 21st Nov '05 6:02PM
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Spanners's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Mad props to Malcolm for designing these for us. Well spanky lookin!

My ape goosed a Bishop. Who are you?
Mon 21st Nov '05 6:12PM
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Malcolm's Avatar
Member Since
3rd Jun '03
Well, thank you sir! Now they're in place I quite like them.

Although I must admit, that's one of the oddest congratulations I've received in a while.

Excuse me for mentioning it, but can I interest you in a panoramic print of York - http://www.panoramicyork.co.uk ? No? Oh well - just thought I'd ask.

Windows Bob - the best!
Mon 21st Nov '05 6:15PM
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General's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
I second that

Big up mad props.

a flim flam is as good as a shim sham sam
Tue 22nd Nov '05 1:14AM
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Dregan's Avatar
Member Since
13th Apr '04

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 22nd Nov '05 5:51PM
4678 Posts
Demian's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Jazzy! I like it

Tue 22nd Nov '05 10:23PM
1558 Posts
Swoop's Avatar
Member Since
9th Apr '03
Damn spiffy!

Giggity Giggity goo
Wed 23rd Nov '05 9:21AM
2708 Posts
Amanshu's Avatar
Member Since
25th Aug '04
And how!

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