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Misses his big brother :(
Tue 27th Jun '06 2:20PM
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7th Apr '03
Norton GoBack 0/10
This comes with Norton Systemworks which is a very nice package of products including Antivirus, Firewall and Ghost. However it's only GoBack that arses about with your master boot record and, in my case shagged it completely meaning the second that windows started loading it crashed and rebooted.
Not only that it screwed the MBR up so bad that I couldn't even grab off any data using a boot disk as the drive wasn't recognised anymore.
So, a full reinstall later I feel it my duty to warn you all. Keep away! Keep away!
Also GoBack installs by default in Systemworks so make sure you go for custom install and uncheck it.

Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 28th Sep '06 3:25PM
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7th Apr '03
Sonar Power Studio 66 10/10
The Edirol FA66 is a top drawer firewire audio and MIDI interface that normally retails at ?250.
Sonar 5 is a top quality sequencer (which I think knocks the pants of cubase) normally retailing for ?300.
You can buy them togather in a pack called Power studio for ?450
However Sonar 6 is just about to come out so Turnkey are selling them for ?250 for the lot.
What they don't know is that anyone who buys sonar 5 in september is entitled to a free upgrade from Edirol rather than having to pay the normal ?80 upgrade fee

How happy I am

Misses his big brother :(
Sun 1st Oct '06 9:12AM
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7th Apr '03
Textpad 10/10
My favoutite text editor by far. Fantastically useful for any sort of coding, indeed this entire Forum was built using it.
Very nice interface, great at doing automatic indenting to make your code more readable, will interface with compilers to give you shortcut keys to compile and run any code you're working on.
My favourite feature is installable syntax definitions which will detect what programming language you are using from your file extension and then automatically detect and highlight function names, comments, strings, variables in a vertiable rainbow of different colour.

And it's all completely free from here - http://www.textpad.com
Second opinion by General on 5th Oct '08 10/10
One of the apps I find it impossible to use a Windows PC without.
    Average Rating 10

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Fri 5th Sep '08 9:59PM
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7th Apr '03
Milkdrop 2.0d 9/10
A brainmelting kaleidoscope of gobsmacking visual noise effects and procedurally-generated eye candy.

Fly through alien fractal landscapes, hurtle through space or the deep sea, and take a look at reality through the eyes of a madman on way too much acid. This will make you swear reality is unstitching itself before your very eyes.

The beauty of mathematics laid bare.

(Free - plugin for Winamp. http://www.nullsoft.com/free/milkdrop/ )

Misses his big brother :(
Wed 1st Oct '08 6:50PM
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7th Apr '03
No-IP/Other Dynamic DNS Clients 9/10
I've only recently started playing with these as I wanted to set up a webcam at home but don't have a static IP.
They are remarkably simple and effective - all you do is register on the website and decide what domain name to have. Then you download their client (windows, mac or linux are pretty much universally supported), configure it with your username and password and away it goes. It keeps your domain name synced up with your current IP address pretty much flawlessly and in most cases they don't charge you a penny.

My ape goosed a Bishop. Who are you?
Mon 16th Feb '09 12:41PM
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3rd Jun '03
MacSpeech Dictate 9/10
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

This is a piece of Macintosh dictation/speech recognition software whose underlying recognition engine comes from the famous and, as I understand it, very successful DragonDictate people. I've had it since Friday (today is Monday), and frankly it has already changed my life.

A small piece of background information. I've been off work for the last three weeks with a kind of tendonitis caused initially by far too much computer use, and since exacerbated by doing pretty much anything at all with my right hand. So, I've spent three weeks trying to fill my days in ways that are both interesting and only require one hand. (Okay, that joke pretty much told itself, so let's just all agree to note the innuendo and move on.) But now, here I sit, talking to all of you on the forum, whilst reclining in a chair and with neither hand anywhere near the keyboard. This software, frankly, is amazing.

I'd say dictation is certainly its most impressive feature. The clever thing is that it analyses your entire utterance altogether, rather than attempting a word by word recognition, which massively improves its accuracy as it looks at the entire context of what you're saying and compares it to everything it knows you have said before. It also means that you sit back, dictate an entire paragraph, and only when you've finished does the entire thing appear in front of you. But as well as dictating, it can control almost every aspect of your computer: clicking buttons, launching applications, and so on. And the weird thing -- which I really can't emphasise the strangeness of enough -- is that it's nearly always correct!

It has taken a little bit of time to get used to -- above all, because I'm completely unused to structuring my thoughts in my mind before starting to speak them! -- and the best results, it's well worth reading the fairly accommodated instructions and putting a little bit of effort into training it to recognize your voice and vocabulary. But, pretty easily and pretty quickly, I am now sitting here speaking to it at virtually my full fluent rate of speech. It is definitely much faster than typing, even if you include the occasional tinkering round to correct things. But I'd say it needs less correction than a normal typed document does.


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