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By bye hackers
DoS Attacks - 1 to 2
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Misses his big brother :(
Mon 9th Oct '06 7:05AM
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7th Apr '03
Hey all
Just to let you know our server has been having some trouble with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, which have caused it to fall over for decent chunks of time.
The support team haven't mentioned which sites are being hit (we're on a shared server so there are several domains involved) however seeing as the front page just informed me that there are 63 guests online I think we are a direct victim here.
Don't know why they'd target us, maybe just in an effort to spam the boards with links in order to help out their google ranking (I've had this issue with several of my guestbooks before) or maybe we've just really pissed off the scientologists. Either way, our boards remain spam-free and in fairness the server is coping remarkably well.
I'm working with the support team and pulling the logs apart to see if we can just block certain host address ranges or summat.
Meantime if you find the forum inaccessable, please take a moment to mail the support team and we can get everything running again.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 10th Oct '06 9:01AM
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7th Apr '03
Damn, I noticed iot was going slowly. And I was so chuffed to see we had 22 visitors the other day I even took a screenshot

Edit: Seems to be back up to full speed this morning, though.

Edit2: This is probably futile but worth a try: If you're reading this as part of the attack, could you post here and let us know what / who your beef is with? Thanks!

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