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Girl Operated on to Remain a Child for Life - 1 to 6
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Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 4th Jan '07 4:51PM
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7th Apr '03

This story seems to have been all over the press today.

Personally I can't see why people should have such a big problem about this. She will clearly benefit in quality of life from the surgery and as her parents rightly say there is no point in talking about dignity with someone who has no concept of dignity.

Any thoughts?

Ginger fury
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Thu 4th Jan '07 9:44PM
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5th Jul '06
The only time I have ever heard of any living thing having growth buds removed was on calves on a farm and I can tell you that watching that was pritty dambed awfull. Thats not of course including plants growth buds to force the plant to grow in a preferable and aesthetic way

Did we not in this country not long since ban the docking of even a lowly dogs tail?

My god I'm stunned into silence. Puts a whole new slant on organic failour to thrive

Landy Dirtlady
Thu 4th Jan '07 10:52PM
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12th Oct '05
The whole thing makes my skin crawl. I'm seriously uncomfortable with the suggestion that not having breasts makes a child any more difficult to sexually abuse - do boys have breasts?. It's one of those situations where I suppose it's very difficult to know what you'd do yourself, but I'm still quite horrified by it. I know the parents keep stressing that it's for the child, and not for their convenience, but that seems baffling, and more like a refusal to accept their daughter's condition. The doctor that says this: "The oestrogen treatment is not what is grotesque here. Rather, it is the prospect of having a full-grown and fertile woman endowed with the mind of a baby" also seems to see things very oddly: is he suggesting that every sexually mature adult with a mental age that does not match is grotesque? Surely the parents should be focussing on making sure that their child is protected from sexual abuse, rather than taking such extreme steps to limit the (physical) consequences.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Fri 5th Jan '07 4:40PM
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7th Apr '03
That is mindbendingly wierd.

At least the doctors involved were behind the decision. The disability rights group is opposed on the grounds that society oughtn't to be the way it is, which isn't even an argument as far as I can see

Fri 12th Jan '07 1:03PM
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13th Sep '04
I found this story deeply disturbing. The parents of the child involved wrote a piece about it in which they described their daughter as 'innocent' and what they termed a 'pillow angel', positively exuding goodness and innocence etc. It seemed to me that underlying their choice to put their daughter through radical surgery (hysterectomy and breast bud removal) was the wish to avoid seeing her as a person with sexuality and sexual attributes, i.e. not the 'innocent' 'angel' they see her as. It seemed to me that it was basically easier for them emotionally to deal with looking after a severely disabled 'child' (even if that 'child' is in fact 26, but surgically devoid of the sexual/reproductive characteristics of a 26 year old female) than a fully grown woman who can neither walk or talk but has periods, breasts, etc. I do sympathise with the parents of disabled children in this position because it is clearly an extremely difficult, exhausting thing to go through, so I'm loath to condemn the parents of this child. But I do think the case raises some worrying questions about the way we treat severely disabled people, in relation to reproduction and sexuality particularly. It is sad that people who are caring for disabled children have so little support that they are forced to make these kind of radical choices merely to be able to care for their child at home.

Also, I wonder what the public reaction would be if it was a case of similar surgical interventions being undertaken on severely disabled male children? I kind of wonder if this would be seen as less acceptable....

Windows Bob - the best!
Sun 7th Oct '07 10:12PM
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7th Apr '03

A similar case in the press today.

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