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By bye hackers
Why I'll never look at a packet of Quavers the same way again - 1 to 2
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Wed 31st Jan '07 4:42PM
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7th Apr '03
Working in Social Services as many of us here at TDDO do, it's kind of inevitable that one develops a grim sense of humour about things that really aren't funny in the grand scheme of things.

For example, today I came across not one but TWO separate referrals made to one of our teams last year... because of a 9 year old boy who spends his time trying to get young(er) girls to place Quavers atop his penis.

I know they go all fizzly when you put them on your tongue but... oh good grief, I'm not even going to continue that train of thought any further.

So... am I going to hell for the three minute burst of stifled giggling I subsequently underwent?

Aubergine Mincemeat
Thu 1st Feb '07 1:58PM
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15th Apr '03
I can only imagine the disappointment of somebody who googles for certain words in that post and is brought here.

I suppose the fact that quavers are quite flat would facilitate this rather than say Wotsits,

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