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Cameron's 'Broken' Society - 31 to 35
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optical moose
Fri 31st Aug '07 12:44PM
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20th Jul '05
its not just politicians who have no grasp of the reality where guns are concerned, its the bloody local rags as well...


'this is the moment two teenage girls brought the menace of guns to manchester city centre'

they're plastic guns and they're teenagers doing what teenagers do - smoking and getting pissed, basically having a laugh. now the police are out looking for them. personally, i think the shopkeeper who filmed the two 16 year olds should be arrested for being a pervy voyeur - it makes as much sense as demonising these two girls.

Windows Bob - the best!
Fri 31st Aug '07 12:55PM
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7th Apr '03
For one thing I think that David Cameron is prone to saying anything that he thinks will make people like him without doing any research at all:

"We are facing the lowest risk of being a victim of crime for over a quarter of a century. Violent crime is at the lowest it has been since the mid-90s,"
Ken Jones, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers


I agree with Diz and GF sentiments that vilifying kids isn't the way to go. If we spent all the money on making new and increasingly silly and hard to enforce laws on improving the resources available to childrens home and social services then in about 10 years you would see a big drop in crime, but that doesn't fit into an 3 election brag about results cycle so no one is going to do it.

All this thinking has gone to our heads
Fri 31st Aug '07 1:06PM
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15th Apr '03
Slightly disconnected to the above comments, but something I thought might add to the debate.
Earlier this week a friend and ex-collegue was stabbed on a night out in Birmingham (he had come down from Scotland for a visit).

The story I have heard from his girlfriend is as follows: A group of them were going for a curry and the guys decided they needed more beer. So, the girls stayed in the balti house looking at the menus whilst the four guys popped to the off licence. On the way back they took a shortcut via a park. They had to walk past a group of young men and, as they did, one jumped on this guy and stabbed him in the back (the knife just missed severing his spinal cord). As the others tried to fight him off, they were beaten up too.

Now, this is one side of the story. Here is how the Press Association (and subsequently the BBC and our newspaper) reported it:

A 31-year-old has suffered stab wounds during a fight in a Birmingham park.
The man was with friends when a gang of six attacked him at George Street Park in Balsall Heath. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.
The three other members of his group received minor injuries. The gang made off from the park on foot and bicycle following the attack, police said.
Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2007, All Rights Reserved.

It's accurate enough. But his girlfriend says he's upset because it looks as if he got into a fight and was then stabbed. He claims it was totally unprovoked. I don't know what the point I want to make is exactly, except perhaps sometimes things are not always hyped up.

Even so, there has been a few stabbings in Balsall Heath which I cycle through and, I have to say, I do have to struggle against adopting a Daily Mail mentality of suspecting that any young man I see in that area is armed and prepared to stab me.

optical moose
Fri 31st Aug '07 1:32PM
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20th Jul '05

Jog_Eerie was bold enough to comment:

Even so, there has been a few stabbings in Balsall Heath which I cycle through and, I have to say, I do have to struggle against adopting a Daily Mail mentality of suspecting that any young man I see in that area is armed and prepared to stab me.

i'm really sorry for your friend and i hope he gets well soon.

as far as your comment above goes, if i were a woman i'd be thinking the same thing. i saw a woman in levenshulme a couple of months ago struggling down the street in high winds and carrying a door. i offered my help but she said, clearly nervous, 'no, my husband is meeting me on the corner.'

maybe there was a husband, but i suspect its likely there wasn't. she probably struggled all the way home with the door on her own....but at least she wasn't raped and murdered, in broad daylight, on a main road crowded with people, if you see what i mean. theres a level of distrust which in some ways is justified (ie cycling across a heath on your own) and in other ways is simply bizarre and a complete over reaction.

I lost my toes in a game of blackjack
Fri 31st Aug '07 4:58PM
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5th Jan '07
Jog: Sorry to hear about your friend and second Diz's well-wishes. Personal experience brings home the reality of "big issues" like this. There's a church connection with Ladybird's family and the paediatrician who was murdered in her car in Dartford last week, which puts a new perspective on news headlines for me.

More thoughts when I'm not packing to go away for the weekend!

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