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By bye hackers
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There's no pee in catheter!
Thu 8th Mar '07 12:42PM
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8th Aug '06
Post Previews don't have the line breaks in the post, making for a large block of un-paragraphed (for some reason I'm thinking about giraffes now) text.

Posts seem to take ages (about 10s) to post.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Thu 8th Mar '07 5:01PM
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7th Apr '03

Agentgonzo was bold enough to comment:

Posts seem to take ages (about 10s) to post.

Spanners is currently away and he'll be able to answer you better when he gets back, but I believe the delay you experience is due to the people who get paid to host this domain (thedaddy.org). Unfortunately we don't have a server of our own so we have to rent a part of someone else's - this means that at peak times we're timeslicing with lots of other sites, and only have a small percentage of the processor's power to work with, hence the waiting times. This is also one of the cause of the 'CPU exceeded' message you sometimes see.

Fortunately, once Malcolm takes over the hosting we're moving to another company, which should hopefully provide a better service for everyone.

Don't take any of that as gospel as I'm no techno-expert, but I'm sure Spanners can correct me when he gets home. I think it's along the right lines, anyway

Edit: and I'm sure he'll fix the preview thing for you too

Misses his big brother :(
Sun 11th Mar '07 10:19PM
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7th Apr '03
Post preview issue fixed
And fancy high-speed servers are being researched, it's all coming together my friends...

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