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Reality TV gone way too far? - 1 to 7
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Even red onions have a silver lining
Tue 29th May '07 10:14AM
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Clara's Avatar
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27th Sep '04
My initial reaction to this was revulsion - a purely emotional, gut reaction. I haven't had time to reason out logically what this could mean for the donor's family, the recipient who does get it, the recipients who don't, those generally who are waiting for transplants all over the world, etc etc etc.

What do you all make of it?


Misses his big brother :(
Tue 29th May '07 10:23AM
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Spanners's Avatar
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7th Apr '03
Whoa! That's the most tasteless piece of ugh I've seen in a long time.
It's even worse than the spoof 'Fertility House' idea the BBC came up with to test the boundaries of the reality TV format - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4643056.stm

optical moose
Tue 29th May '07 11:06AM
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Diziet's Avatar
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20th Jul '05
can't say i'm surprised at all. people's thirst for tasteless garbage on the telly knows no bounds.

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Tue 29th May '07 11:19AM
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Emo Squid's Avatar
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23rd Feb '07
Excuse my language here, but I can think of no other works to sum up how I feel about this.

It's f*cking disgusting.

All this thinking has gone to our heads
Tue 29th May '07 11:47AM
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Jog_Eerie's Avatar
Member Since
15th Apr '03
This upset me so much, I wanted to cry.

When I've recovered, I'll try and figure out exactly why I have that reaction. But until then, I'm going to mourn for humanity.

optical moose
Tue 29th May '07 11:54AM
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Diziet's Avatar
Member Since
20th Jul '05
if you take reality tv to its evolutionary peak i think we'll see something like the following....


...a story by robert sheckley (one of the best sci-fi writers to ever live, god rest his soul) where people kill other people on a game show called The Big Hunt. heavily plagiarised by stephen king for The Running Man.

Giggity Giggity goo
Tue 29th May '07 12:31PM
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Amanshu's Avatar
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25th Aug '04
I can see the advantage of a documentary about it - highlighting the horrible plight of some of the people out there and following someone as they're forced to effectively choose who's a better person whilst dealing with their own mortality. It would be the kind of thing that could help highlight organ shortages and encourage people to donate organs (which is never a bad. But this sounds more along the lines of a ghoul fest. At least they're not getting people to actually vote for who gets the kidney. However I'd have to think that the advice people would give would be equivalent to a vote. There's no way that it won't influence her decision.

I'd also suggest that it's going to greatly improve the pressure on her to make a decision that has no right solution.

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