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By bye hackers
Glasgow Airport Attack - 1 to 3
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Windows Bob - the best!
Sat 30th Jun '07 6:00PM
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7th Apr '03
Just seen on the news that some c**t has just tried to drive a burning car into Glasgow airport terminal one.

Thankfully they seem to have only succeeded in setting themselves on fire.

I'm working on a project in Glasgow and I use Glasgow airport most weeks. In fact the door that was crashed into is the door that I use.

Having been using the tube on 7/7 I'm starting to think they are following me.

Looks like I'm probably going to be enduring some 5 hour train journeys for the next little while.

Misses his big brother :(
Sat 30th Jun '07 6:51PM
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7th Apr '03
That's messed up. Are people sure it was an attack? I've seen interviews with witnesses who claim it was but nothing official.

Edit: Now a Chief Constable has reported that one of the suspects had possession of "a suspect device". Still not much to go on.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 2nd Jul '07 1:25PM
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7th Apr '03
Well according to my taxi driver this morning, a group of terrorists ramraided the airport with a jeep full of petrol, though he wouldn't have been surprised if there was some fertilisers in there as well. However, although the attack failed, the drugs consumed by suicide bombers are such that the attackers managed to walk away unharmed, despite being on fire at the time.

So there you go, from a horse's mouth.


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