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Is there something wrong with being permanently happy? - 1 to 4
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Giggity Giggity goo
Fri 6th Jul '07 9:59AM
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Amanshu's Avatar
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25th Aug '04
This morning when I got into work I witnessed two people working out how to avoid a third. Fair enough, they don't like him and they don't want the hassle of a confrontation.

I then however realised that the person they were avoiding was someone I happen to avoid on occasion. And I then realised that the main reason I avoid him is because he's always so... well happy. Anytime you're in his vicinity he'll cheerfully say hello and then proceed to make small talk in a cheerful voice. And I can't stand it.

I mean I really can't it, drives me up the wall. Yet I feel like it shouldn't, after all aren't we all in our own little way trying to reach an place of happiness?

So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why that was?

All this thinking has gone to our heads
Fri 6th Jul '07 12:03PM
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Jog_Eerie's Avatar
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15th Apr '03
Is it perhaps because you all sense that, actually, he isn't that happy at all.
I know one or two people that use a veneer of unerring cheefulness to hide a very messed up personality. When I talk to these people it puts me on edge because I know I'm not getting the real deal, if you get what I mean. It means it's very hard to judge how they're going to react to things and I always feel I'm treading on unstable ground.

optical moose
Thu 12th Jul '07 11:34AM
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Diziet's Avatar
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20th Jul '05
anyone who was permanently happy to my face first thing in the morning would soon be subjected to a verbal cuff around the lugholes.

no one is permanently happy. even the happiest of people have their bad days.

i suggest you start testing how genuine his happiness is by trying to make his life as miserable as possible.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Thu 12th Jul '07 4:46PM
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Demian's Avatar
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7th Apr '03
I agree with Jog and Diz, nobody can be permanently happy. The feeling of happiness comes in comparison to feelings of neutrality / sadness. If someone's brain is always uptaking the same amount of seratonin, then they would feel completely neutral, as they always felt just as good / bad as they did last minute / day / year. They would live their whole lives in a state of utter grey. This is sometimes reported by those taking SSRIs such as Prozac.

So either this guy's work makes him very happy and he's miserable at home, or he's putting a veneer on for some reason, such as being sociable or trying not to bring others down with him.

I've no idea how I'd get on with someone like that but I'd be willing to give it a try

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