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Tangent feature - 1 to 4
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I'm not crazy cause I take the RIGHT pills :)
Wed 15th Aug '07 12:09AM
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Epicure_mammon's Avatar
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12th Dec '06
I recon it would be handy to be able to have a "subthread" feature so that if someone say's something interesting like, for example - the generals recent comment on the number of moves required to solve a rubix cube in a thread about random facts - and someone wants to diverge from the topic but still link back to the inspiration it would be nice to have a "tangent" button. I don't think that it should necessarily do anything other that create a new thread and provide a link from the inspiring post (and probably back to the inspiring post from the thread page?). No idea if this is a good idea, could be quite neat with a bit more thought though

Windows Bob - the best!
Wed 15th Aug '07 2:08PM
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General's Avatar
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7th Apr '03
Could be useful

I usually just start another thread and put cross links in both threads.

optical moose
Wed 15th Aug '07 10:55PM
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Diziet's Avatar
Member Since
20th Jul '05
do you mean footnotes?

Misses his big brother :(
Thu 16th Aug '07 9:28AM
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Spanners's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Not a bad idea Let me have a think about how it could be implemented

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