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Audio Compression Makes Files Smaller but Sound Worse Shocker! - 1 to 1
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Fri 7th Sep '07 5:52PM
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7th Apr '03
Wired seem to have abandoned all sense of reason and are recommending that people shell out 40$ for Shrink My Tunes an "amazing" piece of software that makes the MP3s on your player smaller but only sound marginally worse.


I can't believe that a reputable source of technology news is making this recommendation. Ok so they claim that the encoder produces better quality results than LAME at the same bit rate, but they seem to be missing out on the most basic facts of the story.

* LAME is free this thing costs 40$
* Whatever kinds of magical analysis the encoder performs it still outputs an MP3 file with all the inherent failings of the MP3 format. If it didn't do that then it wouldn't be an MP3 and you wouldn't be able to play it.
* It's virtually impossible to find a player these days that doesn't support one of: WMA, Vorbis, or AAC all of which will beat the pants off an MP3 at low bit rates regardless of how you encode it.


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