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Lets translate Irvine Welsh - 1 to 2
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optical moose
Sat 3rd Nov '07 1:25AM
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20th Jul '05
for some unknown reason i'm reading Porno by Irvine Welsh again.

so far my biggest enjoyment has been translating his phonetic dialects into polite english.


(Begbie is visiting his mum)

Muh ma came intae the room, saw ays aw that fuckin agitated wey. she goes: - when ur ye gaun roond tae june's, tae see the bairns?
- in a bit, ah goes - business tae sort oot first.
ah heard hur talkin away in the background, jus fuckin well blabbering away tae hersel, that wey where she disnae fuckin really want or expect ye tae say nowt back.

(Begbie as a Victorian fop visiting Mater)

Mater entered the room and perceived that i was in a state of agitation. she said: - Francis, when will you be paying a visit to Aunt June and the children?
- shortly Mater, i replied - i have some business to attend to in town beforehand.
i heard Mater speaking in the background, simply frothing at the mouth in that distinctive manner, where she cares not one jot if you reply to her incessant ejaculations.

post your own IW translations.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Sun 4th Nov '07 4:25PM
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7th Apr '03
Awesome thread idea!

The rest of the journey was uneventful until Grantham. It had been raining heavily for most of the day as they approached the Gonerby Moor, and the Lincolnshire landscape was sodden. Seemingly from nowhere, a post-chaise and four dashed by at such pace that the more docile horses drawing the carriage were thus highly vexed, and ran the vehicle off the road.

On second thoughts, that's maybe not the best candidate for translation

How about

I left them and hit the boozer. Riggsie and some other geezers were there so we made our way down to the ground and took up seats in the stand surrounded by fucking Geordies. I thought that I'd start swinging to see what happened, but Riggsie spotted some undercover filth, who'd clocked us. We stayed for the first half, but we was bored shitless so we left and went back to the pub. I gave a couple of geezers on the pool table a good slapping and we broke some glasses and kicked over a couple of tables before heading off.


'A quiet night out in Glasgow'

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