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How do I kill a process stone dead in XP? - 1 to 2
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Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 8th Nov '07 10:58AM
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7th Apr '03
Techy people of TDDO I beseech you please hear my cry for help.

How the hell are you supposed to kill a process in XP?

My work laptop inexplicably shuts its self down every so often so I'm trying to look at he event viewer to see what I can gleen. Because the PC is a big pile of crap the event viewer quite often locks up. As is often the case trying to kill the process with task manager does jack all and taskkill from the command line reports success then promptly doesn't work.

I've tried getting hardcore and using

ntsd -p [pid] -c "q"

Which runs through a list of impressive looking stuff then also does bugger all.

So can anyone tell me if there is some method by which I can get the two dead event manager windows to close without rebooting my machine?

There's no pee in catheter!
Thu 8th Nov '07 1:11PM
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8th Aug '06
Try pskill. You'll need to download the PStools from the interweb. Don't know whether it will work, but if not, then I wouldn't hold out much hope

Edit: Sometimes services will refuse to shut down. If it's a service, try going through the admin tools in the control panel to services and stop it in there. That may work (if it's a service that is)

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