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OPEC Accidentally Devalue The Dollar - 1 to 4
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Windows Bob - the best!
Sun 18th Nov '07 12:59AM
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7th Apr '03
Hmm I'm not totally convinced that OPEC broadcasting their fears about the weakness of the dollar was really an accident.


Seems a little fishy that the information leaking led to a further devaluation of the dollar and a rise in oil prices.

optical moose
Sun 18th Nov '07 1:54PM
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20th Jul '05
theres a really interesting stand up show / lecture by rob newman about peak oil that traces western interest in the middle east's oil all the back to world war 1. it touches on the relationship between Opec and the US.

you can see the show here...


a flim flam is as good as a shim sham sam
Mon 19th Nov '07 11:13AM
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13th Apr '04
Oh come on. A technician "accidentally" plugged the TV feed into the "wrong socket", my entire arse. After years of secrecy and never letting anything slip from their money-grabbing, oil-slick mouths, this is the first thing they say? I do not believe it sir, not for one second.

That said, cheap dollar = import PS3 and sell for megabucks

Misses his big brother :(
Mon 19th Nov '07 1:57PM
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7th Apr '03
Yeah I'm unconvinced this was an accident too. If it was such a secret meeting then why was there a camera in there anyways? And why was there a roomful of reporters nearby?
The dollar is so low now me and Magina are already making plans for an epic american west coast adventure next year.

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