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By bye hackers
Awesome Time Traveling Cursor Game - 1 to 5
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Windows Bob - the best!
Fri 4th Jan '08 11:27PM
4213 Posts
General's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03

One of the most imaginative games I've played in ages.

Your objective is to get to the top of the tower. Your cursor travels back in time after a few minutes and then you can go back through and help yourself out.

I'm not crazy cause I take the RIGHT pills :)
Sat 5th Jan '08 8:39AM
140 Posts
Epicure_mammon's Avatar
Member Since
12th Dec '06

I can get to the top scoring nearly no points. Now all I have to do is start scoring :s

There's no pee in catheter!
Sun 6th Jan '08 3:18PM
811 Posts
Agentgonzo's Avatar
Member Since
8th Aug '06
That is such a cool game!

Giggity Giggity goo
Mon 7th Jan '08 9:35AM
2708 Posts
Amanshu's Avatar
Member Since
25th Aug '04
Too many cursors...

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 7th Jan '08 7:17PM
4678 Posts
Demian's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Gah, one more cursor and I'd've had it. This is awesome.

Edit: Woo, did it with 3 cursors to spare!

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