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Musical Instruments - 1 to 2
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Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Mon 14th Apr '08 1:16PM
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23rd Feb '07
Simon & Patrick Songsmith Folk Acoustic Guitar 9.5/10
Full review in progress

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 21st Apr '08 12:33PM
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7th Apr '03
Roland HD-1 Electronic Drum Kit 8.5/10
A natty little system which offers a good set of kits (10 in total, most of which aren't too ridiculous).

Small size. I'm still not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing so it's going in both columns!
Cymbal and tom sounds are excellent, and in many cases contain different sounds at different velocities. For the most parts the sounds are snappy, realistic and expressive.
Analogue velocity sensors allow limitless expressivity.
Easy and fun for beginner to intermediate level drummers. I'm not sure if this system would stand up to gigging although it feels solid enough.
Useful other functions such as metronome, midi output, audio input.
Easy set-up, with a DVD which takes you through the process. Will take roughly 30 minutes to assemble and set up correctly.

Small size. See above.
I'm not 100% convinced about the snare noise. It's a very nice, adjustable, bouncy skin, but I feel the sounds could have a little more 'oomph'.
Comes without amp/speakers, although a separate, specially designed amp is available.
Comes without drumsticks, mat or stool, all of which are available separately.

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