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Smoothies - 1 to 2
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Mrs Spanners if you please.
Thu 22nd May '08 5:00PM
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18th Apr '06
blend some strawberrys,

blend a ripe mango with approx 500mls soya milk

spoon some of the mango in a glass, spoon some strawberry on the top, then mango then the rest of the strawberry.

excellent!!! The mango tastes like ice cream. YUM!!!

Misses his big brother :(
Fri 23rd May '08 5:14PM
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7th Apr '03
I find that with a smoothie they work best if you have a 'thick' fruit as the base (such as banana, mango, peach or apricot) with a tart addition and a sweet addition. Raspberries or blackberries can be very good for the tart factor and my personal favourite for sweet is strawberries.
Then you can be guaranteed a nice thick smoothie with a great refreshing taste. Mmmm.

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