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Bass Guitars - 1 to 2
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Misses his big brother :(
Thu 22nd May '08 5:42PM
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7th Apr '03
I've had a bass guitar for over ten years now but with the craziness of life I've really not picked it up and played for a good couple of years. I'd like to get back into it but it's quite difficult starting back at the beginning and it being an instrument that doesn't work so well solo. Does anyone have any tips that I could use to help get playing again and get back the love?

Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 22nd May '08 6:07PM
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7th Apr '03
Ah the wonder of Bass.

I agree with you that bass is an instrument that doesn't work too well solo unless you are a total virtuoso and even then it isn't all that fun (or good to listen to).

There is no better way of getting better at playing an instrument than playing with other musicians. Personally having been in bands playing guitar, bass and drums I would say that bass is the very best way of being in a band. Bands are absolutely crying out for bass players and a lot of bands are very content to have someone who can hammer out root notes on the beat. As a result being a bass player is both easy and fun. If a band is too much commitment then just jam with friends whenever you can.

If you don't have a ready supply of real people to play with then seek out mechanical accompaniment. The key to bass is rhythm and how you phrase your notes around the beat. Consequently with no beat half of the fun is gone. At the very least play with a metronome and ideally play with a drum machine. There are lots of free rhythm box applications available on the web and muchos fun can be had jamming with them.

One thing that always gets me playing loads is having something new. Get a cheap multi FX box which can be had for a few quid these days and enjoy the crazy noises you can make or just put some new strings on as you have a fretless try putting some flat wounds on for more of a jazzy upright sound rather than the Jaco fletless with roundwounds type of thing.

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