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Crazy Musical Prowess - 1 to 3
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Windows Bob - the best!
Sun 25th May '08 11:17AM
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7th Apr '03
This thread is for posting examples of freakishly awesome musical prowess.

I'll start with some drums

Vadrum is my fav drummer on Youtube. He comes up with hugely impressive drum arrangements of classical music and video game themes.


I'm sure anyone who is interested has already seen it but I'm still so impressed by Tony Royster Jr performing at the age of 12


Misses his big brother :(
Mon 26th May '08 11:37AM
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7th Apr '03
Adam Fulara is the man! (Despite the crazy expressions)


Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Sun 1st Jun '08 12:13AM
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7th Apr '03

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