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Spurious Scientific Claims - 1 to 2
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Thu 29th May '08 8:19AM
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7th Apr '03
I came across this link a couple of days ago:


It's a fascinating column about the ludicrous claims made by advertisers, politicians and sef-professed scientists who are often quite happy to ignore the laws of thermodynamics, ethics and reality in the hope of selling us their latest product, idea or manifesto.

For example, just in the realms of hi-fi alone, you can buy the pen with which you scribble around the outside of a CD in order to increase audio clarity, or if you need even better sounds, you could drop 100 grand on a a kevlar mat to place on top of your speakers to increase 'sense of air and three-dimensionality'. For 80 quid you can buy some small supports for the speaker wires which improve both detail and dynamics! Or two small black matchboxes with velcro on to stick on the speakers themselves, in order to provide 'a blacker background', only $99! How about 3 pieces of wavy-shaped wood which will 'reduce the audibility of the chaotic reflections from the walls of the listening room so they won't overpower and interfere with the direct sound from the speakers.' Isn't that what they call 'reverb'?

So altogether if you paid roughly 100,240 pounds you could have a system which features reduced signal-to-noise ratio, decreased harsh edginess, increased clarity, detail, dynamics and resolution, additionally weighted voices, extra weight, depth and fullness, a greater sense of air and three-dimensionality, less confusing noise and a blacker background!

How about just turning up the volume a notch?

Amazing what people will buy if someone charges enough for it...

Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 29th May '08 10:04AM
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7th Apr '03
Bad Science is great.

I went to a talk by Ben Goldacre a while back which was awesome. He is the reason why Gillian McKeith isn't allowed to pretend that she is a doctor any more which puts him in my good books straight away.

Some Hi Fi claims are so ridiculous James Randi has expanded his million dollar challenge to include them.

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