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Thu 24th Jul '08 8:51AM
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On DK Travel's new site you can create your own guidebooks by browsing through their information (their own guidebook information and customer submitted recommendations and reviews) on places you are going to visit. then you give it a title, and publish it for viewing on the net. You can even pay four quids to download a PDF version or a tenner to have them print it properly and post it to you.
The site is quite hard to browse at the moment and quantity of information to choose from is a little light but they assure us that they're working hard to improve the service and get more destinations in there. Currently it's best for North America and Europe, with a few other random destinations thrown in. The beauty of the system is if you're visiting a few places in a row you can create one uber-guidebook to cover everywhere you're going. It automatically inserts maps of any destination you choose and the top ten lists are great for an initial injection of quality sights to see, places to stay and food to eat.

Check it out at http://www.traveldk.com

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