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PCG Top 100 Games of All-Time 2008 - 1 to 4
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Sat 26th Jul '08 1:48PM
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7th Apr '03
Hot off the presses, here's this year's list, and since controversy always abounds I thought we may as well have some here!

100 Starcraft
99 Sins of a Solar Empire
98 Sacrifice
97 Armageddon Empires
96 Sensible World of Soccer
95 Just Cause
94 Fable
93 Full Throttle
92 Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
91 Rise of Nations

90 Crimson Skies
89 Sam & Max Hit The Road
88 Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
87 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
86 Anchorhead
85 N
84 Grim Fandango
83 Lord of The Rings Online
82 Desktop Tower Defense
81 Silent Hunter 3

79 Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood
78 SWAT 4
77 Race Driver: Grid
76 Freespace 2
75 Syndicate
74 Frontier Elite II
73 Far Cry
72 Ground Control
71 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
70 Uplink

69 The Secret of Monkey Island
68 Command & Conquer 2
67 Champ Man 96/97
66 Unreal Tournament 3
65 Tomb Raider Anniversary
64 C&C Red Alert
63 Tie Fighter
62 Gears of War
61 Warcraft 3

60 Day Of Defeat: Source
59 Defcon
58 Masq
57 Outcast
56 Ultima VII
55 Diablo 2
54 Beyond Good & Evil
53 Doom 2
52 Guild Wars
51 Audiosurf
50 Alien vs Predator

49 Ultima Underworld 2
48 Trackmania United Forever
47 GTA: Vice City
46 Mass Effect
45 Dungeon Keeper
44 Supreme Commander
43 Dawn of War
42 Fear
41 Psychonauts

40 Peggle
39 Homeworld
38 SimCity 2000
37 Crysis
36 Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
35 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
34 Quake 3
33 Baldurs Gate 2
32 The Sims 2
31 Call of Duty 4

30 Day of the Tentacle
29 Battlefield 2
28 Darwinia
27 CS:Source
26 Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
25 Half-Life
24 Mafia
23 City of Heroes
22 Company of Heroes
21 Fallout

20 System Shock 2
19 World in Conflict
18 The Longest Journey
17 Anachronox
16 Armed Assault
15 GalCiv 2: Twilight of the Arnor
14: Thief 2: The Metal Age
13 Eve Online
12 Bioshock
11 Civilization 4

10 UFO: Enemy Unknown
9 Planescape Torment
8 Hitman: Blood Money
7 Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
6 Portal
5 Medieval 2: Total War
4 World of Warcraft

3 Half Life 2
2 Deus Ex
1 Team Fortress 2

My thoughts...

Overall: I think Shooters and RPGs are slightly over-represented, and possibly not enough love given to the quirky cult classics. But overall, it's probably one of the most diplomatic of recent years.

Should be higher:
Rise of Nations. Definitely the best historical-epoch based RTS combined with risk-style over view maps. Unless you subscribe to all this 'Rise Of...' nonsense.
Anchorhead. Absolutely the best text-based adventure I've ever played, with the possible exception of HHGTG.
Desktop Tower Defense. I mean, who doesn't love this game?
Peggle: See above
Diablo 2. People are still hooked on this 10 years later! I've been addicted on at least 3 different occasions.
Dawn of War, simply for the amount of time it's kept Swoop entertained

Should be lower:
Silent Hunter 3. To quote Kasey Casim: 'Ponderous man, fucking ponderous'. It does do 'tense' well, though. I'd rather spend 3 hours rewatching Das Boot, though.
Beyond Good & Evil. I've tried twice to get into this but just can't see it as anything other than a smoothly-executed platformer. Kind of like Psychonauts, except that is also quirky and hilarious and therefore deserves its place.
Baldurs Gate 2. I guess I just don't like RPGs very much. That said, I'm glad Planescape: Torment claimed it's rightful Top 10 place... I guess I just don't like boring RPGs
City of Heroes. A MMORG with no inventory? Great idea, poor execution.

Shouldn't be there at all:
Fable. I mean, it was fun for the few hours it lasted, but come on, top 100 EVER?
N. I just don't get it. Extreme irritation at it's worst.
Audiosurf. See N, although this time it's a listen-to-an-mp3-while-doging-left-and-right game. Does anyone enjoy this game other than the staff of PC Gamer? I'm also starting to wonder the same about ArmE.
I think San Andreas is way better than Vice City, although it's admittedly not as pretty.

Should have been included:
Descent. Just the memories make me feel queasy, but boy was it fun.
Dune 2. I mean, this invented a whole genre!
Digger. Comedy 1984 option.
Dwarf Fortress. Best Game ever made, and it's only half finished.
Nethack. Best roguelike ever?

Right, I'm off back to TF2. Not convinced it's the best game ever, but it's certainly been dominating my gaming schedules lately.

Windows Bob - the best!
Mon 28th Jul '08 12:30PM
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7th Apr '03
Leaving aside the possibly valid argument that these shorts of things are largely a waste of time.

My main thoughts on reading the list are that 3 of the all time top 6 games can be purchased in the Orange Box for 35!

Aside from that I agree that Decent should be in the list as should Carmagedon, but I have to disagree with you on Baldurs Gate. I have never enjoyed any game on the PC as much as Baldurs Gate 1&2 and the expansion packs. I was almost in shock when I finished the last one and it was a big disappointment that Neverwinter didn't live up to the original.

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 28th Jul '08 3:48PM
4678 Posts
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7th Apr '03

General was bold enough to comment:
Leaving aside the possibly valid argument that these shorts of things are largely a waste of time.

Which... games, lists or PC Gamer? Or is this a broader philosophical point

I do know a lot of people who enjoyed BG a whole lot. To me it just seemed like so much cliched sword & sorcery / AD&D type stuff that it bored me, but probably just because I've spent a lifetime playing games based on the same roleplaying system. What did you think of Planescape: Torment by comparison? Same engine, totally new world, backstory, slang etc... I thought that was a masterpiece.

EDIT: Oh, and Orange box for PS3 can be picked up for 25 at the moment! If any of you haven't, you really ought to!

Windows Bob - the best!
Mon 28th Jul '08 4:30PM
4213 Posts
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7th Apr '03
I mean magazines making top one hundred lists of stuff, unless they are voted for by the public.

I've been playing AD&D since I was a sprog and I've played every D&D based game from Eye of the Beholder to Tower Of Doom and I consider the 4 BG games to be the only truly gripping role play game I've ever played and much better than the later Neverwinter or Elder Scrolls (Which I know isn't AD&D). I think it was the first game I ever played where morality really shaped the way the game played out around you.

I don't think you could really appreciate BG unless you played through all 4 games with the same character the sense of progression and advancement was huge

I never played Planescape torment, but I would have liked to.

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