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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 29th Jul '08 10:01AM
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7th Apr '03
After months of malware misery, reboots and BSODs I'm finally biting the bullet and forking out for a complete system, built by someone else for once! I've decided on this as it's currently looking very reasonably priced:

Gladiator Trident Performer PC

AMD Phenom Quad 9750 2.4GHz
4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory
750GB Serial ATA II Hard Drive
nVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB
20x DVD-RW
OCZ StealthXstream PSU
AMD 770 Motherboard
High Definition 8 Channel 7.1 Sound
1000MBps LAN
Gigabyte Triton Chassis with 2 x 120mm Fans

And for once in my life I'm going legit:

Windows XP Home OEM SP2
Eset NOD32 AV Home Edition

So my questions:
1. I'm presuming this will handle Spore?
2. How future-proof, i.e. upgradable is this, and how soon do you think I will need to?
3. How much do you think the abiove package is worth? All in all, it's just peeking over the 650 mark, which is about 500 quid cheaper than the same spec machine at either Commodore Gaming or Alienware. Bear in mind though that 70 of that is for the two software packages.

Windows Bob - the best!
Tue 29th Jul '08 10:26AM
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7th Apr '03
Personally if you are going to be buying a new machine I would hold out until the Intel Nehalem


It is going to be a huge architecture change for Intel and I think it will probably deliver a fairly significant performance jump.

That said the AMD Phenom is already a NUMA architecture so if you can't wait it's not a bad choice.

As a final point I always try to get an ASUS or ABIT motherboard because they are so much more configurable and better made, but that's a personal thing.

If you do get it check how many spare slots it has for sticking other bits and bobs in if you think you will need to as sometimes prebuilt PCs are shipped with all slots populated.

The only other thing is if you are going to be gaming you are probably going to need DirectX 10.1 and 11 when it comes out which might mean dipping your toes in the dreaded Vista.

Windows Bob - the best!
Tue 29th Jul '08 4:45PM
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7th Apr '03
Just thought. When it says High Definition audio does that mean that the sound card is a Realtek?
If so they are total bobbins and you may end up having to get a Soundblaster or something like that.

There's no pee in catheter!
Wed 30th Jul '08 10:15AM
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8th Aug '06
My housemate got a new computer last year and paid about 100 quid for a soundblaster fantasticy*.

I was talking with him and said that I would have though that the on-board sound would have been fine. The reason that he got an expensive sound card is that all the sound processing is then done on the sound card, freeing up CPU cycles. It gave him an extra 5-10 fps I think. May be worth doing that rather than relying on onboard sound (if that's what you've got)

*OK, I can't remember what it was called

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