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What's the best way of selling completely legitimate second-hand software? - 1 to 2
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Tue 29th Jul '08 3:20PM
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3rd Jun '03
Evening all,

Not really a techie issue but this seems the best place for it. For entirely legal and non-nefarious reasons, I find myself in possession of two licensed copies of Adobe Illustrator CS3 for the Mac. Obviously I only need one of them. I've checked Adobe's rules and it's perfectly permissible to sell one on, and write to them to get the official licensee changed.

Problem is, how can I go about selling it in a way that makes it clear that this is not a pirated copy and it's entirely above board? I really don't want someone on Ebay just to bid 5 assuming it's a knock-off - since there's all sorts of software advertised on there that is. Amazon does seem to offer a "new and used" option for software, but I've just had a look through and there isn't a single instance of anyone selling used ones. I can't quite work out why.

Any advice, anyone?

Misses his big brother :(
Thu 31st Jul '08 7:25PM
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7th Apr '03
All I can suggest is assuring people that they're on the level and setting a reserve price (if you're using Ebay). There's no way to prove to people that you're genuine but I'm sure you will find someone who's willing to trust you on it.

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