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What's the best online console shooter? - 1 to 2
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 12th Aug '08 9:18AM
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7th Apr '03
I have only recently got into the whole online shooty business, and so I've only got 3 titles at the moment, TF2, COD4 and Battlefield: Bad Company. I'm considering branching out a little but with the price of PS3 games I'm reluctant to buy another without some recommendations.

I love TF2 for it's 'tactics over accuracy' system and the crazy class variations. COD4 has incredibly graphics, a fantastic online ranking system but requires pinpoint accuracy. B:BC seems to combine the two, in that it requires a lot of accuracy but also has support classes (combining healers and engineers) and some humour. Oh, and you can drive vehicles too. But somehow, by trying to fill both niches at once it somehow seems to fall short in overall addictiveness.

Are there any other games as good as TF2 or COD4? Or other shooters with support classes, and especially anything akin to the TF2 spy or Engineer?

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Thu 21st Aug '08 9:24PM
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21st Aug '08
I'd certainly agree with TF2 being a good shoot 'em up. The tactical aspect from the spy and engineer classes makes it much more interesting for the seasoned gamer, but the pick up and play nature of the pyro, scout, soldier and heavy make it easy to have fun even if you're new to the game. COD4 I also enjoyed, but not as easy for someone to pick up as fast as TF2.

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