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A Tale In The Desert - 1 to 1
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 30th Sep '08 10:57AM
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7th Apr '03
This is a MMORPG, but probably unlike any others you may have played. For a start, there is no combat whatsoever! That's right, in this game you will be working cooperatively to shape the politics, landscape and intellectual achievements of ancient egypt.

There's a 24-hour free trial available here, and that's 24 hours spread over as many days as you like, so plenty of time to try it out and see if you like it: http://www.atitd.com

The game has some incredibly imaginative features. For example, to advance your political skills you will need to have a new law voted on by your fellow citizens. When it is passed, it is actually hard-coded into the game for you by the developers! To advance your level in Art & Music, you will need to create a sculture judged interesting by a certain number of your peers. To advance in architecture you need to make the biggest monument in your local area, leading to ever more impressive edificies springing up as the people try to outbuild each other!

Other disciplines include worship, which requires complicated inantations to be performed in the correct order, requiring obscure and disparate materials which must be collected.

Or you are free to simply live out the life of an egyptian without worrying about these challenges - start off by mastering simple crafts such as making rope or weaving flax, then use these to build ever greater types of machines and buildings. Design your own house, catch some livestock and build a pen and you can start a profitable little farming career for yourself.

So, if you've ever found games too adrenaline-packed, or grown tired of the ubiquitous violence in every other game, this could be the one for you. Give it a try, there's nothing to lose!

If anyone does set up home in the game, make sure you're in the area called Lower Egypt, that way you can come and bake your bread in my ovens and bricks in my kilns! There's also a very friendly local community keen to encourage newbies, and I'll have a word with the head of NASA, we're currently working on one of the world's first airships, and I'm signed up to be the first test pilot

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