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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 28th Oct '08 9:43AM
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7th Apr '03
Anyone else play or played this PS3 game? Unfortunately it's a little tricky to get hold of as it's a year since the release, but I picked one up from play.com for 16 and I know Swoop got one from the pre-owned section of a local shop. However, I'm enjoying it so much I thought a thread was in order.

It's a refreshing antitode to the Tony Hawks series of games. So much so that it would be worth listing some of the differences:

TH: Lots of smallish areas
skate.: One gigantic city

TH: Outrageously unrealistic ubercombos
skate: emphasis on pulling off one or two moves with finesse and style

TH: Manuals are another button combo
skate.: Find the balance point of your body py pulling or pushing the left stick just the right amount.

TH: Have to maintain balance in manuals and grinds
skate.: This is automatic, and you'll simply step off properly when complete. You'll also get more points for grinding to the end and dropping to the floor gracefully than you would from tricking out of it at the end.

TH: Crap multiplayer
skate.: Watch your friends online, edit / upload / share / rate videos. Freeform modes where you can just cruise around with other skaters. Race modes and about 6 other game types I've not tried yet.

TH: Button / direction combos trigger the moves
skate.: 'Flickit' system requires motions of both sticks to move your character - the left stick controls the balance of your body, while the right stick controls jumping, tricks and board spinning.

TH: Speed gained by tricking, losst over time
skate.: Speed gained whilst going downhill, lost going uphill! On a flat surface you will continue at the same speed indefinitely.

The Flickit system is the most intriguing part to newcomers. To crouch you pull back on the stick, then a flick upwards would perform an ollie, whereas a flick upwards and to the right/left would perform a kick/heelflip. More advanced moves are available with practice, eg flicking from crouched to the one o'clock position, clockwise to two o'clock then across to 7 o'clock will perform something funky which I can't remember. But there are dozens of these move types.

A really strange phenomenon I encountered whilst looking at online info is the major resistance from most skaters to 'pushing mongo'. This means using your front foot to push the board, i.e. the right foot if you skate goofy or vice-versa. After some research I discovered that this comes from skating in real life, where pushing mongo is seen as a newbie mistake, as it requires more time to set up your tricks (this may actually be the case in skate. too but I'm not yet good enough to tell). Anyway, there are a few pro skaters who push mongo in real life but it's generally regarded as either a) noobism, b) rude, c) a political statement of some strange sort, or d) an outright affront to everything the skating community holds sacred. If you already play and push mongo, it's probably too late to change, but if you're just starting out I'd recommend learning to push with the correct foot!

skate. basically elevates skating from a skillset to an artform, and the emphasis on few moves done properly (along with lots of tutorials) make it totally accessible to beginners. If anyone's got it, send a friend request to G_Handi and I'll come and pop some nollies with ya!

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