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World of Goo - 1 to 2
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There's no pee in catheter!
Tue 28th Oct '08 2:41PM
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8th Aug '06
It's weird. You get goo balls that you need to stick together to form towers to get to a pipe because they want to travel. Different balls of goo have different properties. It's weird in a lemmings kinda way. You get helpful hints from the sign painter.


Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Tue 28th Oct '08 3:44PM
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7th Apr '03
It's great fun, but some of the later levels are proving a little baffling.

Also, I like the idea of saving up the excess goos to build the tallest tower (I think my record so far has been about 30m), but it seems that there is a most efficient way to build, which is an ever encreasing pyramid made of triangular arrangements of struts. Or are there other ways to build upwards ridiculous distances?

Edit: I'm at work so I can't click the link above. But if that's the web based version then you have to check out the full commercial version too.

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