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By bye hackers
The arrest of Damian Green MP - 1 to 3
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The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Tue 2nd Dec '08 5:30PM
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16th Jul '08
I hate to rant on the Daddy but the whole arrest of MP Damian Green thing is really getting my goat and I don't like things touching my goat.

Thankfully the BBC is being sensible about all this, see the links below to be filled in.


Everyone else including the rest of the media has gone insane. Here we have an MP who has been arrested on the grounds of "conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office" and "aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring misconduct in a public office". All to do with leaking documents.

What's the problem?

Good, I would not like to live in a state were the police don't arrest MP's for crime. The police are independent of parliment. The way I understand it (and I stand to be corrected) a Chief Constable cannot be overuled by anyone not even the home secretary on his patch. Good so the police acted independently and went to investigate a crime. Fantastic, wouldn't have made the news expcept it's an MP.

Parliment's in uproar! They have serious concerns about the police investigating them. So what's this then I can get investigated for the same crimes but MP's are some how exempt?
Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are united in concerns that the police may investigate more crimes.

It's Green's whole shock at being arrested that gets me and David Cameron saying they should have invited him for a chatt. If the Police wanted to arrest me for a crime they would why should Green get the privilage of a chatt. Also what's this shock at his 9 hours at a Police station, it's hardly a 32 day detention!

So what are they saying. It's ok to bust the civil servant (who's employment contract must have a confidentiality clause in it) but not an MP. That's just wrong.

Anti-terrorist police were used, people are crying! That's because it used to be Special Branch but they got renamed to Anti-terrorist police but still do all the other non-terrorist stuff the specialised in.

People are complaining about Green's office in parliment being searched. The police with a warrent can search practically anywhere they like but somehow parliment is exempt! That's great, if I was a crack dealer I'd definately try to get myself a room on the Commons.

I also hear everyone complaining that the police have access to all of Green's private and confidential records. They are the POLICE and if anyone should be able to be trusted with P&C stuff it is theoretically them.

Shouldn't we be glad of our independent Police service? The government did not order this investigation despite everyones best attempts to claim they did. I'm glad we have an independent justice system. Can you imagine having a system like the US of A.

The Media has just been crazy: STALINIST! It's blazed across every page. The Metro had a headline that read something like because this is from memory: Smith: Denies Stalinist Claims!

It's a total contradition. The whole Stalinist thing is of course is arguing that society is somehow being silenced... We have a free media! And said media is having a ball with this one. So government conspiracists how has this benefited the government? We all know about it so how is it Stalinist?

Anyone seen this group started on face book: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=36667119029&ref=nf It's called: The arrest of Damian Green - "Goodbye Nu Labour, Hello Old Stalinism".

I think everyone has gone Stalinist on us because it's the Labour party. If it were the other way round and it was the Conservative party I have no doubt the label Fascist would habe been tagged on. The extreme of a Lib Dem is an anarchist so that doesn't really help here but I'm sure if it was them someone would have found an ist for them.

The public is no better either. Get a load of the opinions found on this link.


I especially love Mr. Gerard Mulholland's quote of Dietrick Bonhoeffer it's wonderfully protentious. I also love Mr. Peter Blake's comment, seems he wants a purge which ironicaly is kind of Fascist and Stalinist. Still I pick the extreme ones some people have made some rather valid points.

So I ask fellow Daddy member what do we think?

Windows Bob - the best!
Tue 2nd Dec '08 8:41PM
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7th Apr '03
Weirdly I've been meaning to post a very similar thing for the last few days.

I find it very interesting that MPs don't give a toss about human rights until there is some sniff of it involving MPs and then they are up in arms.

I also hate the way that the media demands an inquiry before the investigation has even finished. If in 6 months Damian Green is found to be guilty then this whole uproar is going to look pretty silly. If the case falls apart and turns out to have been a bit shaky all along then fine have an inquiry. One MP having to speak to the law hardly means we are living in Zimbabwe.

I find the whole political system completely insane. The general tone on the Today programme this week has been to state that "Of course leaking confidential government documents is against the law, but if we went around arresting MPs every time they did it then you would always be arresting people"
Surely this means that either the law has to change, or someone needs to be made an example of to stop it happening.

Perhaps the most mental thing I've heard was someone saying on the news "Oh yes the speaker should definitely resign over this , but there's an election next year so he could be back in a few months"

The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Fri 12th Dec '08 6:39PM
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16th Jul '08
It's weird talking to people about this. I spoke to someone the other day who seems to think it's a good idea for the politicians to dictate to the courts. Now considering the country is run based on rule of law thats a little bit frightening.

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