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Fruity Loops - 1 to 1
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Fri 12th Dec '08 8:32AM
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7th Apr '03
So I just started using Fruity Loops Studio 8 yesterday, and it looks like pretty amazing stuff, if a bit baffling to the beginner. But after 20 mins of youtube tutorials I'd managed to string together a beat and a piano part.

So do any other forummers use FL? Any tips and tricks you'd like to share with me, or links to good comprehensive tutorial sites that start from the beginning? At the moment I can't even make the playlist seemingly do anything, and all my work has been in the piano roll and channel arranger. For example, the piano part is 64 bars long but the channel arranger only seemingly allows me to set up 16 bars of beats, so I just have to click the 'repeat step sequencer' button so the percussion loops around as the piano plays. Most peculiar.

Alternatively: Any good books on FL anyone's come across?

Edit: I've also been trying to apply the 'fat cheese' preset thingy to everything I can, despite no knowledge whatsoever of what it is or what it's meant to do

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