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By bye hackers
Left 4 Dead - 1 to 1
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 15th Dec '08 3:14PM
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7th Apr '03
Anyone else playing this? I only got it yesterday but it's some hardcore adrenaline-pumpin' action. The twist is that you play cooperatively with 3 other people against thousands of screaming, sprinting zombies all trying to chew your face off. There's even a thing called 'The Director' which is software that dynamically adjusts gameplay as you go, so if things are a bit too easy or you slow down too much, extra dozens of screaming zombies will all charge out of the nearest dark corner.

There's also a mode whereby another group of 4 people gets to play as the boss monsters, each time they die they appear invisibly next to the survivors so they can go and choose themselves a hiding place from which to pounce, vomit or extend 100ft of tongue.

It's great fun but since friendly fire is on, and you continually need to rescue your teammates from various perils it's a bit daunting at first as it always feels you're letting the team down. However after a couple of hours this goes away, and it's a very new game anyway so most of the other players aren't that good yet either

Anyway, if anyone else is playing, let's do some missions! Steam name is [CEUK] Dunc.

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