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It's your time you're wasting!
Tue 10th Feb '09 8:24PM
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24th Dec '04
Lecturers should make up their mind about either setting a juicy essay title or not wanting to mark shed loads of words. Who sets a 2,500 word limit for an essay as broad as "Teaching for pupil progression in mathematics" and tell us to cover defining pupil progression inline with the primary framework for mathematics, how to address different pupils needs including a definition of inclusion, and key features of effective teaching, backed up with 10 references of current research and evidence of own experience, oh and description isn't enough there has to be in-depth analysis of all features?! There's too many bloody things to cover in the required level of detail and not bullet-train past the word limit.


Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Wed 11th Feb '09 1:21PM
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7th Apr '03
You're just going to have to miss out all the articles, pronouns and adjectives.

Or leave out every other space, claim it's (poorly) translated from German, and write 5,000 words

Mrs Spanners if you please.
Wed 11th Feb '09 1:46PM
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18th Apr '06
Tell me about it....

I recently had to go through an appropriate procedure for selecting and implimenting a Library Management system....
defining the information environment, user needs, the library's aims and objectives and vision for the future....
.....identifying what the library would want from its LMS, analysing and evaluating at least 2 different systems with regards the library's needs, aims and objectives and finally concluding and making a reccomendation.

all in 2000 words...

what's that all about. rubbish.

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