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Renouncing your baptism and obtaining a de-baptism certificate - 1 to 4
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Thu 19th Mar '09 7:40PM
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16th Jul '08
There was an article on the BBC News 24 the other day about having your baptism invalidated. I couldn’t find it on BBC Online, albeit I didn’t look too hard. But the basic gist of the story was that people have been asking to have themselves removed from baptism registers in the Church of England because they do not believe and never really wanted the rites in the first place having been baptised babies.

Now the C of E won’t take you off the register because of legal reasons but for £10 will note down that you reject it and you can again for a £10 have a certificate drawn up declaring you renounce your baptism. You can then have it announced in the London Gazette (not sure of a fee) which sort of makes it all official, it's the press of choice for making announcements.

Now it all seems more effort than it’s worth. Surely, and I’m keen to hear from any atheist members of the Daddy or Daddy members who are of a different faith, it’s something you can quite happily ignore. Is it something that honestly bothers people? Other faiths I can understand but if you’re an atheist surely you don’t believe in any of it enough to care. It’s not like your employer/taxman/library/gas supplier/golf club/Blockbuster video ask to see your baptism certificate so it's hardly a stigma.

Talking about this with a friend who commented said it is a bit like a reverse Pascal’s wager. Imagine getting all the paperwork sorted out and getting it wrong...

(Bob): “Oh my I seem to be in heaven. Jesus Christ I was sure this place never existed, oh dear think I should stop saying things like Jesus Christ. Look there is St. Peter by the gates! Damn it the Christians got it right. Best see if they will let me in.”

Bob trundles up to the gates were St. Peter is chatting to a nervous looking man called Eric.

(Eric): “Well I sort of didn’t believe really and never went to church or anything... I was quite good, apart from the affair with my brother’s daughter and stealing all that money from the hospice charity...

(St. Peter): “Relax buddy, for your God is merciful God and I note you had a baptism granting you access to eternal salvation. So come on in.”

Eric, somewhat relieved, trundles off into heavenly bliss.

(Bob): “Let me in please Peter, I got baptised as a baby.”

(St. Peter): “Hmmm, well I’ve been looking over the paper work. Seems you went and opted out of the baptism deal according to the London Gazette and the baptism register of St. Cuthbert’s.”

(Bob): I...

(St. Peter): “The paper work looks in order to me. (Produces Bob’s de-baptism certificate)Is that your signature?”

(Bob): “Well, yes but.”

(St. Peter): “Sorry Bob.”

The heavenly clouds part and Bob drops like a stone through a wet paper bag into the eternal fires of hell. Doomed to be tortured by vicious demons, listen to the birdy song none stop, and watch Eastenders for all eternity.

Windows Bob - the best!
Thu 19th Mar '09 8:16PM
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7th Apr '03
I believe that at least some of the people renouncing their baptism do so because religions are fond of claiming that they represent a much larger proportion of the population (For example all those that have been baptised rather than those who regularly attend church) which leads to them potentially gaining more political influence than they deserve.
Those people who are baptised, but now have strong humanist beliefs are likely to object to being used as part of a misleading statistic.

Desert Creature
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Thu 19th Mar '09 10:57PM
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9th Oct '07
I'd be quite up for the idea of renouncing my baptism. I was born into Catholicism and I've been so enraged by some of the Pope's comments lately I'm up for anything that would further distance myself from it.

Still, could be worse I suppose. I'm not sure a certificate would quite cut it (or uncut it) if I had gone from being Jewish to being Atheist/Humanist.

The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Sat 21st Mar '09 12:18AM
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16th Jul '08

Desert Creature was bold enough to comment:
Still, could be worse I suppose. I'm not sure a certificate would quite cut it (or uncut it) if I had gone from being Jewish to being Atheist/Humanist.

Well actually it's possible but a lot more effort if an Jewish man wants to renounce Judaism and that sign of the covenant just go to http://www.wikihow.com/Re-Grow-a-Foreskin

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