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Individualism good thing, bad thing or just the way it is - 1 to 3
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Tue 24th Mar '09 7:07PM
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16th Jul '08
Know it was a while ago but individualism took a knock in the press a month or so ago and it sort of died a death. See link:


I know thats to do with how we bring up children but I was wondering if we could have a broader debate on individualism. Maybe on some of the areas I'll outline below

-Are we truly individual?
-Is individualism the only alternative to religion?
-Does individualism harm our society?
-Are we (western society I guess unless we others on the Daddy) moving away or towards individualism?
-Should we be anxious about our individualist society?
-Are we deluded in our belief in individualism?
-What are the benefity of individualism?

Sure there are more but it gives us a kick off. Any thoughts?

Desert Creature
Boof boof, sproing!
Tue 24th Mar '09 8:30PM
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9th Oct '07
Personally, I believe we are all intrinsically individual. But that's got nothing to do with individualism, at least as it is meant in the article. The individual that I am chooses to at least try to be caring and generous and altruistic.

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