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Misses his big brother :(
Fri 24th Apr '09 5:24PM
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7th Apr '03
Hi all

Sadly I think we have to accept that the Forum is headed the way of the Dodo. It's been a source of great happiness for me over the past six years (it was our sixth birthday on the 14th) - I've met great people, made great friends and spent many an hour being entertained by the great content.
However there are so few of us left that the critical mass is gone, no newcomers are being tempted in and regulars are falling away fast. The soul of the Forum is at death's door. Thinking back though, I originally designed this forum simply as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family back home after I moved to Belfast, and a way for me to get some decent web design experience. I have been amazed over the years at how much more than that it became - not only did it bring people together right across the UK and beyond, it resulted in three amazing real-life meetups, formed many real-life friendships and launched me into the world of professional web design!

I have no plans to take the forum offline but I have begun working to preserve the best bits in a new way:
I have now created a whole new interface for the our review section at http://www.thedaddy.org/review which presents a browsable copy of our full set of reviews and also allows anyone with a forum account to login and post reviews and second opinions from there. Please feel free to be as active on it as you like.
I will also soon be activating a similar feature on TheDaddy.org to preserve some of our best threads - please feel free to message me with any of your favourites that I could get up there.

If any of you wish to try and resurrect this place then please be my guest - I genuinely feel that it belongs to all of you at least as much as to me and I've just plain run out of ideas. I tried direct advertising, affiliate linking, sign up a friend competitions, new and exciting boards to inspire people and enhance out search engine position... All of these helped to an extent but couldn't provide a long term solution. I'll provide any help I can but ultimately it needs more of a driving force behind it than I am able to be.

Well this officially ranks as the saddest post I've ever had to make so I'll finish on a positive note - I've been brought six solid years of happiness not simply by the forum itself but by the people on it, the wealth of knowledge, inspiration, comradeship and just plain fun has been heartwarming and absolutely fantastic. And I truly hope that I am able to keep in touch with each and every one of you in life beyond this small corner of cyberspace.

Yer all bleedin marvellous


Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 27th Apr '09 8:41AM
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7th Apr '03
Aye, it's a sad day but I guess we've been heading this way for a long time now.

Maybe we'll all come back one day and discover the place has been repopulated by a new breed of bright young internetters!

We've struggled all the way to attract new members and I think we've realistically tried everything that can possibly be tried. Ultimately I think there is probably a 'critical mass' of users beyond which a forum builds momentum on it's own. We've seemed close sometimes, however ultimately we never quite reached that number and without a radical new plan it doesn't seem that we ever will now

I'd also like to say how many fantastic and knowledgeable folk I've met here. Thanks to everyone for 6 years of silliness, technical assistance, creativity and just general chitchat

Edit: Review site is looking great by the way!

Afghan hound
Trainee Daddy
Mon 27th Apr '09 7:32PM
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3rd Aug '08

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