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The Ukelele thread - 1 to 2
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Sun 17th May '09 8:48PM
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7th Apr '03
After a lifetime of struggling with many different instruments I read a book extoling the virtues and simplicity of the ukelele, and I decided to give it a whirl. Having only 4 strings, the ukelele is refreshingly bereft of nonsense such as bar(re) chords and crazy hand positionings, even for obscure chords, and is a real antidote to the horrifically complex nature of other stringed instruments. If you've attempted other instruments and found them too demanding, I urge you to give the uke a try before writing yourself off as unable to join in.

I'm what you might term a 'piss-artist of all trades, master of none' when it comes to musical instruments, in that I've taken up dozens of them and never really felt any sense of skill or accomplishment. Although I currently have drum lessons every week I'm still an outright musical beginner, and feel I will be for a fair while to come. However, having played guitar and bass guitar for some years, taking up the ukelele feels like somebody has taken the essentials of stringed instrumentation and said 'How about we just remove all the tricky bits?'. I was thinking that I'd play about with my new uke for a few weeks and see how tricky it was to bang out my favourite tunes. After two days, I know 2 dozen chords and can intersperse them with plucky bits to form noises much more satisfying than I've ever achieved on a piano or guitar.

If you've ever played guitar or piano (or any instrument, basically), and felt intimidated by the physical dexterity and coordination required, then I urge you to give the ukelele a try. You can pick one up for 20 (although with the under 40 ukes you'll be retuning a lot!), and the simplicity of a four-stringed instrument will revolutionise your approach to playing music. By way of example, you need one finger to play the chord of C, and two to play F

And for those who still associate it with George Formby:

Windows Bob - the best!
Tue 19th May '09 5:30PM
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7th Apr '03
I would say the same also applies for the Mandolin which is very easy to play and sounds great.

If that's too hard for you then the Autoharp is the easiest of all and Ring of Fire was written on one!

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