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Amusing Canadian town names - 1 to 2
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Thu 23rd Jul '09 6:25PM
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16th Jul '08
Here are a few names of towns in Canada.

Big Beaver, Ass Rock, Blow Me Down, Old Man's Head, Meat Cove, Shitagoo Lake, Smuts, Shag Harbor, Come By Chance, Bastard Township, Bareneed, Crotch Lake, and Dildo.

I now have the goal in life of being photographed standing next to every single Welcome too sign.

Also the most northernly permanent settlement in the world is in Canada the town of Alert.

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Sat 25th Jul '09 9:30PM
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7th Apr '03
South of Birmingham there is a town called Bell End.

I'm a fan of the town of Nasty in Hertfordshire.

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