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By bye hackers
Lets post viagra spam headlines! - 1 to 8
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Mon 27th Jul '09 9:27AM
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Demian's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03

I just realised I've never bothered looking in my gmail spam folder. 3,300 in the last 30 days. Then I noticed how entertaining the viagra ads are.

A bigger rod will show you a shorter road to success
Join our health club and listen to your organism!
You will be active as a stallion! Super desire for many hours!
Rod's strong! That's not wrong!
Tired of girls searching for your little friend in bed notbeing able to find it?
Every extra inch gives her extra chance for reaching final destination
Humidly - How To Talk Dirty Too Youur Boyfriend
You will go through her like a bulldozer
Nothing gives more confidence than a big device
Man's charm is hardness
Empower your prick!
Wow-arouse-maker for you!
Need to improve male spirit?
Help it stay as tree!
Don't give her pauses tonight
Your weenie needs strengthening!

And my favourite...
If you had a gold fish, you would ask for a bigger instrument!

Also, for some reason the second most common type of spam appears to be for something called 'acai berries'. Never heard of them...

The panda is the evolutionary equivalent of living off benefits.
Mon 27th Jul '09 8:02PM
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Xander's Avatar
Member Since
16th Jul '08
Did anyone else hear that Viagra have offored to sponsor Andy Murry after seeing him a Wimbledon. They want to endorse a man who can only make a semi.

Desert Creature
Boof boof, sproing!
Fri 31st Jul '09 7:27PM
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Desert Creature's Avatar
Member Since
9th Oct '07
I'm still a bit puzzled by the spam I keep getting offering me Viagra Soft. That'd be an oxymoron right?

Afghan hound
Trainee Daddy
Sat 5th Sep '09 4:15PM
15 Posts
Afghan hound's Avatar
Member Since
3rd Aug '08
Infection attacks! Fight back!

Super enhancement for your main weapon. Discounts this summer only!


Mon 7th Sep '09 1:40AM
1558 Posts
Swoop's Avatar
Member Since
9th Apr '03
The majority of my spam emails seem to be trying to sell me fake Rolex watches.

However, I did find the sinister:

Your rocket will attack her!

Being hung as a horse is more than possible

The confusing:

Grow YourPenis 3-inches longer & thicker, girl will love you pazhf n0u0

Every man wishes he could have a few extra 16 inches down there

and the disturbing:

Dog I bought ))

T canoe that smoked had found her in the village of their enemies, ha

I really don't want to be hung for any reason, let alone for being a horse, and 16 inches? Really? Surely there would be problems.

Giggity Giggity goo
Tue 8th Sep '09 5:03PM
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Amanshu's Avatar
Member Since
25th Aug '04

Swoop was bold enough to comment:
16 inches? Really? Surely there would be problems.

No, no, no, not 16 inches, but a few extra 16 inches. So that could be an extra 32 inches, an extra 48 inches...

Although an extra 48 inches would be about 4 foot long. You'd definitely have an issue of trouser length there.

Tue 8th Sep '09 7:24PM
1558 Posts
Swoop's Avatar
Member Since
9th Apr '03

Amanshu was bold enough to comment:
Although an extra 48 inches would be about 4 foot long. You'd definitely have an issue of trouser length there.

And circulation problems too!

It's your time you're wasting!
Tue 20th Apr '10 11:00PM
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Feign's Avatar
Member Since
24th Dec '04
They've also teamed up with scuba diving charters.

"Take her deep today."

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