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Why does no one post on the daddy anymore? - 1 to 3
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Sun 14th Feb '10 5:50PM
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16th Jul '08
Well go on why does no one post on the daddy? Especially when we have had some genius threads going.

Windows Bob - the best!
Sun 14th Feb '10 9:46PM
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7th Apr '03
Amen Brother

Giggity Giggity goo
Tue 13th Apr '10 4:50PM
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25th Aug '04
We have indeed had some genius threads, unfortunately it all fell by the wayside. I think the final nail was probably when the daddy group was created in facebook and nobody could think of anything that couldn't be done on FB that wasn't done here. It's unfortunate, but then a lot of things in life are unfortunate.

On the other hand the daddy was a place that encouraged people who didn't really know each other to discuss subjects they wouldn't normally discuss. It brought together a number of people who although very similar did have a surprising range of opinions and that in itself made the threads interesting - or if not interesting then fun/silly/moving.

The problem was there was no real subject to focus upon, and the lack of substantial new blood meant that the older posters slowly started to run out of steam. I'd also argue that the rise of more boards made it more complicated to know where to post to. End result nobody posted anywhere.

Or in other words: Amen Brother.

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